The Cruelty Free Beauty Box September 2018

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box September 2018 Review

Hello and Welcome! Yes I know, it's halfway through October, this is a very late review. I'm sorry if anyone had to double check what month it is. I've been away from home a lot which has meant that I've had deliveries piling up (okay piling is a little bit of an exaggeration). I'm back…

Optiat 'Be Good Pamper Kit'

Optiat ‘Face Mask Be Good Pamper Kit’ Review

Hello and Welcome! I hope that your Sunday has been fantastic and you're looking forward to next week. Before we get into this review I just want to apologise for both of my blog posts this week being so late in the week, and for this one going up so late today. I'm really busy…

Optiat Coffee Scrub in 'Mouthwatering Mandarin'

Optiat Coffee Scrub Review

Hello and Welcome! I hope that your day is going absolutely amazingly and you're excited to see what February brings (I know I am)! Over 6 months ago now, I received a travel sized Optiat 'Feel Good Coffee Scrub' in a subscription box called Hashtag Girl Crush. I actually only received subscriptions from that subscription…