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Primark Custom Eyes Palette and Individual Eyeshadows Review

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Firstly I’d like apologise for not posting on Sunday as I usually do, and therefore only posting one review last week! I’m going through a breakup, and didn’t feel up to posting on the weekend. However, to make up for it I’ll be posting three reviews this week, so be sure to look out for them (I’m hoping to post one on Friday, and one on Sunday).

Can anyone else believe that it’s November already! Where is the time going, I swear summer was only yesterday.

A little while ago on a visit to Primark I was super excited to picked up one of their new (or relatively new) customisable palettes, and some of their individual shadows to go in it! Today I’ll be reviewing the following:

  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Large Palette’ (9 Pan) – £3.00
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Ice’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Gold Digger’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Antique Bronze’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Brick’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Sunkissed’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Earth’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Crimson’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Truffle’ – £0.60
  • ‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadow’ in ‘Carbon’ – £0.60

So Primark released two different sized palettes, a 4 pan palette, and a 9 pan palette. As I’m super indecisive with colours, and because I just could not decide what I wanted, I went for the 9 pan palette so I could get more of a shade selection. They also released around 30 different individual shadows (I counted 30 on a picture on their Instagram story, but on their website I can only find 29).

So for the 9 pan filled palette, it cost £8.40, which I think is a good price for a customisable palette (especially because sometimes I see single shadows on sale on Beauty Bay for £6.00 and think that’s a deal). For some reason, when I see the £8.40 total it does strike me as kind of expensive, but I think that’s only because it’s Primark makeup and usually their palettes are around £2.50/£3.00. In the grand scheme of custom palettes, £8.40 is an absolute steal, just compared to the price of other Primark cosmetics it comes across much more expensive.

‘Ps… Custom Eyes Large Palette’ (9 Pan) – £3.00


The palette itself is matte black with the brand ‘Ps…’ in the centre and the name of the product at the bottom. I didn’t think to take a picture of the palette open without shadows in it, but you’ll get to see the palette filled in a second when we get into the specifics about the shadows.

I personally am not the biggest fan of the packaging, I don’t think it looks particularly attractive, especially with ‘9 shade custom eye shadow palette’ printed at the bottom! However, it was only £3, and there is some form of magnet inside it as there is a pull between the shadows and the pan.

For £3 this palette does the job, and it looks nice when it’s open, I just wish it looked more aesthetically pleasing from the outside.

‘Ps… Custom Eyes Shadows’ – £0.60

This was the palette that I ended up with, and I am quite happy with it, however I don’t think that all the colours go together.

For anyone who’s shopped in Primark, you know how hectic, stressful, and sometimes messy it can be. I did struggle to find the colours that I wanted, especially as people had picked shadows up and then put them back in the wrong places. A lot of the shades that I liked the look of I couldn’t find, and I found that a lot of the shadows were cracked. The outer packaging for each individual shadow does contain a window so you can see the colour of the shadow, but if you’re buying this make sure to properly look at the shadow to ensure that it isn’t damaged. Also don’t just pick up the shadow that is in the section labelled as one colour, just because it’s in that area doesn’t mean it’s the correct colour. In the Primark lights a lot of the colours can look similar, when they’re actually worlds apart!

Okay so starting on the top row, and moving from left to right, I bought the following colours:

  • ‘Ice’ – Shimmery white
  • ‘Gold Digger’ – Shimmery gold
  • ‘Antique Bronze’ – Shimmery bronze
  • ‘Brick’ – Matte burnt orange
  • ‘Sunkissed’ – Shimmery orange
  • ‘Earth’ – Matte purple-toned brown
  • ‘Crimson’ – Shimmery red
  • ‘Truffle’ – Matte deep brown
  • ‘Carbon’ – Matte black

In the shop I found it quite difficult to work out which were shimmers, and which were mattes, especially as some shimmers were more shimmery than others, making them look more like mattes (when they weren’t). I wanted to try to get a good mix of shimmers and mattes to ensure that I could actually create an eye look from the palette, but as you can see I ended up with a lot more shimmers than mattes (what can I say, I was attracted to the sparkles).

When I was swatching these, starting with the first row and working across and down, I was quite disheartened to begin with. I had watched a video from Tammi Clarke before I’d purchased these and they looked so beautiful on here. So when I’d swatched ‘Ice’ and ‘Gold Digger’ and they’d basically given me the bare minimum pigmentation, I was concerned that the whole palette was going to be a dud. However, ‘Antique Bronze’ rescued the day and was impressively pigmented, and from there it only got better!

They all swatched super well, and were really lovely and soft to the touch. I think my favourite colour has to be ‘Crimson’, you can’t really see the shimmers in it but it’s a beautiful, beautiful colour, and I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of it.

I did create a look using the palette today, but my heart wasn’t really in it and honestly it was a bit of a mess so I’m not going to post a photo of it. However, I used all of the shades and they all applied and blended really well. I personally always use my finger to apply shimmers as I don’t like messing around with a brush trying to build up the pigment, but I did try ‘Crimson’ with a brush and it applied surprisingly nicely. All of the shades (apart from the first two) are very pigmented and I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the shadows. The matte black is also very pigmented and blends nicely, I only needed the tiniest bit to darken my outer corner.

Overall, I really love these shadows and I definitely will be picking up more. I absolutely cannot believe that they only cost 60p. The quality of these is very impressive without considering how unbelievably affordable they are! I think that when I’m back in Primark I’ll try to pick up two different shades to replace ‘Ice’ and ‘Gold Digger’ in my palette, as I just don’t think they’re as pigmented or impressive as the others. Additionally, when I was creating a look today I realised that I don’t have a shade to set my eyeshadow primer! Out of the colours I chose I think ‘Ice’ was my absolute least favourite, it came off very sheer, and glittery. I think it could look nice layered on top of another shade, but alone it doesn’t pack enough of a punch for me! My favourite is, of course, ‘Crimson’ however I also really like ‘Antique Bronze’, ‘Brick’, and ‘Carbon’. For 60p, you can’t expect every shade to be a hit, but they perform a million times better than I anticipated, and I highly recommend picking up a few colours that catch your eye.

This brings us to the end of this review! I really hope that you enjoyed it, I’m sorry if it’s not up to my usual standard, I’m really not feeling myself at the moment but hopefully things will begin to improve. If you did like this review then please give it a quick like! Also comment down below if you’ve tried any of these shadows, and if you have any shades that you’d recommend! As I mentioned previously in this review, I am aiming to post two more times this week so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss when those go live!


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24 thoughts on “Primark Custom Eyes Palette and Individual Eyeshadows Review

    1. I definitely think it’s worth it!
      They have a pretty wide colour selection, there’s quite a few blue shades and more oranges/pinks too x

    1. I know right! I was so disappointed by the first two and then after that I was blown away by every single shade!

    1. Thank you so much! ? I definitely think it’s worth it, plus there’s always the 4 pan palette if you don’t need as many shadows! X

        1. I think so too! I’m definitely going to replace the first two but knowing me I’ll end up filling a 4 pan one whilst I’m there! X

          1. I will do! Let me know if you build a palette! Would love to see what colours you pick out x

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