Hello and Welcome! As mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m going to start posting some different content, starting with this post. As you can see from the title, today I’ll be posting a buzzfeed style article (complete with GIFs). Today’s post is going to be 8 things that no one told you about wearing […]

Revolution Pro 'Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil'

Hello and Welcome! I really hope that you’ve been well and have been enjoying the sun here in the UK. I feel like I’m always doing this, but I’m opening yet another blog post with an apology – I’m sorry I haven’t posted in the last two weeks. I’ve been super busy with university work […]

Optiat 'Be Good Pamper Kit'

Hello and Welcome! I hope that your Sunday has been fantastic and you’re looking forward to next week. Before we get into this review I just want to apologise for both of my blog posts this week being so late in the week, and for this one going up so late today. I’m really busy […]

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box April 2018

Hello and Welcome! We’re at my favourite time of the month again, the time when my ‘The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’ comes in and I get to try out a bunch of cruelty free products! Once again, I’ve had this box for a few weeks to give myself a chance to try out all of […]

Hello and Welcome! I hope that you’ve had an incredible week enjoying the sun if you’re based here in the UK (let’s just ignore the fact it will definitely start raining again soon). I also hope that you’re enjoying your Sunday, and are looking forward to reading this review! Today I’ll be talking about the […]

Nip + Fab 'Kale Fix Clay Mask'

Hello and Welcome! I hope that you’ve had a fantastic week. As you can tell by the title, today’s review will be on another Nip + Fab skincare product. I’ve reviewed both the ‘Dragon’s Blood Daily Fix Cleansing Pads’¬†(that I still use every day) and the ‘Glycolic Instant Fix Mask’¬†previously after buying them from TK […]

Revolution 'Nudes Collection'

Hello and Welcome! I hope that you’ve had a fantastic week and that your Sunday has been great so far! As you can tell from the title, today I will be reviewing the Makeup Revolution (or now, just Revolution) ‘Nudes Collection’. Now if you haven’t heard of this collection then that’s understandable. There was one […]