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My name is Charlotte but on social media I go by Multibendystraw (hence this blog being named Multibendybeauty) and I live in Bristol, UK. I am currently studying a master’s degree in Events Management (MSc), and have an undergraduate degree in English. However, I’m into all things beauty and have been for a while so write reviews in my spare time (if there’s even such a thing as ‘spare time’ as a master’s student)!

I am just a regular person, I’ve had no beauty training, I’ve never worked in the industry, I just love beauty! I find it difficult to find genuine, and detailed, reviews online sometimes so I want to share my opinions on beauty items to hopefully help you decide whether you think a product is worth spending your money on. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am always honest – if a product is awful then I will 100% tell you.

As a disclaimer, anything that I write is my personal opinion and I have bought the products myself unless otherwise stated in the review. I will always disclose affiliate links in the post. Affiliate links do not have any extra cost to you should you click on them and help me to continue running my blog.

Just because a product hasn’t worked me, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. Similarly, if a product does work for me, that doesn’t mean it will be perfect for you. We’re all different and have different needs. I just hope this blog provides you with some honest thoughts and opinions that will help you.

I hope you enjoy my content, and if you do then be sure to follow my blog!


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

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