Naughty but Nice? – Lush Valentine’s Day 2019 ‘Aubergine’ and ‘Peachy’ Bath Bombs Review

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Yes that’s right, today we’re going to be reviewing those bath bombs, the ones you’ve probably been seeing everywhere.

I’m a big fan of Lush and their new products pretty much always pop up in my Instagram feed (or I see them on their Instagram stories, or if something somehow slips past me I have a friend that works in Lush who tends to tell me when something cool is coming). When I saw the ‘Aubergine’ and the ‘Peachy’ bath bombs advertised I thought they were funny and I really wanted to try them – so much so I went out on the day they came out and bought them.

I’ll get into more about what I think of this whole Valentine’s Day 2019 collection later on but for now lets focus on these two products.

Each bath bomb retails for £3.75 and can be bought online or in store.

Before we get into more about each bath bomb can we just take a moment to understand that this whole review is going to be filled with innuendos, it’s just impossible to avoid given the nature of this collection so please excuse that.

‘Aubergine’ Bath Bomb

Description of product taken from the Lush website:

‘Because sometimes words just aren’t enough. After swiping right, the easiest way to express our feelings is with the power of an emoji. When you need something that really hits the spot, pop this bath bomb into the water and enjoy a steamy soak with uplifting bergamot, fruity ho wood and saucy litsea cubeba. This tongue in cheek product shoots
green and blue foam from both ends so you can give someone the gift of a fast fizzing tip this Valentine’s Day.’

I think the key thing to take away from this description is that this product is supposed to be ‘tongue in cheek’, however I still can’t get over how uncomfortable the last sentence makes me feel.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like but it smells pretty darn good (as most Lush products do). Apparently it’s supposed to smell like the ’29 high street’ perfume, which is meant to smell like that classic Lush scent however I’d say it smells sort of sweet and fruity at the same time. You’ll be pleased to know that this ‘Aubergine’ bath bomb actually does contain aubergine!

When I popped this in the bath it fizzes different colour from both ends of the product (I’m sorry for that description). As you can see from the photo, the main colours that come out of the product are green from the ‘leaf’ part of the product, purple from the main body, and then the blue shade is actually coming from inside the product. As it gets smaller you are able to see that the inside of the product is blue. These colours together make the bath water purple – pretty much the same colour as the actual ‘Aubergine’ bath bomb itself.

It smells super good and overall was pretty cool, I really liked that it has blue inside it. I definitely prefer bath bombs that have a surprise element to them – either in that they turn the bath bomb a totally different colour to the actual product, or that they have something unexpected inside them.

If you’d like to try this one or read more then you can get it on Lush’s website here.

‘Peachy’ Bath Bomb

This product’s description on the Lush website is as follows:

‘Give the peach of your heart to someone you love this Valentine’s day. This cheeky number fizzes slowly in the bath, releasing bursts of juicy grapefruit, fresh peach juice and sweet davana to gently cleanse and refresh. Swoon over pink swirls of colour whirling around you in the water – it’s the perfect sweet treat after a fruity session.’

I definitely prefer this description over the ‘aubergine’ description, it’s certainly tamer in its imagery.

The scent of this is definitely super fruity and I love it. It does smell a little like peach (not as much as you’d expect) but it’s more of just a general fruit scent. Again, the ‘Peachy’ bath bomb does contain peach.

Putting this one in the bath, it first fizzes pink, with a small amount of green around the seam. Inside the bath bomb is a deep pink shade (a bit like the lower ombre portion on the outside of the product). Similar to the ‘aubergine’ bath bomb, the colour of the bath water turns a similar colour to the bath bomb itself and, you guessed it, is a peach shade.

This one also smells incredible and I liked the shade it made the bath water (I’m slightly biased as my hair is a similar colour). Out of the two, this one was definitely my favourite!

If this one sounds like something you’d enjoy then you can find out more, or pick it up yourself, online here.

Thoughts on Collection & Marketing

Right so let’s just quickly get into what I think about the remaining collection, and the marketing of the collection.

As well as these bath bombs, the 2019 Valentine’s Day collection included:

  • ‘Goddess’ bath bomb/washcard/soap/solid perfume/perfume/perfume oil – £5.95/£2.00/£7.95/£9.00/£45.00/£25.00
  • ‘Unicorn Horn’ bubble bar – £4.50
  • ‘Love Boat’ bath bomb – £4.50
  • ‘Avocado Wash’ shower gel/naked shower gel – £5.95 (100ml)/£11.95 (250ml)/£19.95 (500ml)/£8.95 (naked shower gel)
  • ‘American Cream’ shower gel/naked shower gel – £5.95 (100ml)/£11.95 (250ml)/£19.95 (500ml)/£8.95 (naked shower gel)
  • ‘Love Token’ reusable bubble bar – £4.95
  • ‘The Big Banana’ massage bar – £5.95
  • ‘Eve’s Cherry’ lip scrub – £6.50
  • ‘Adam’s Apple’ mouthwash tabs – £6.50
  • ‘Love Island’ body scrub – £3.50
  • ‘Six (Blue and Yellow)’ reusable bubble bar – £5.50
  • ‘Strawberry Whip’ soap – £6.50
  • ‘American Pie’ body conditioner/naked body conditioner – £8.50/£10.95
  • ‘Open Your Heart’s bubble bra – £4.95
  • ‘Six (Red and Yellow’ reusable bubble bar – £5.50

Above was every individual item listed under the ‘Valentine’s Day Gifts’ tab on the website, some of these may not be exclusive products, this doesn’t include gift sets since most of these sets were made up of these individual items.

The collection is pretty substantial and there’s pretty much every type of product you’d want/need either for yourself or for gifts.

However, my main thought with this collection is who is the target audience?

Lush sells so many different products that I would assume children would be primarily the target audience for – for example spinning bubble bars, all of their ‘fun’, a rocket shaped bath bomb, and a small robot bath bomb to name a few. Even this collection contains a product called ‘Unicorn Horn’. Yet the majority of the 2019 Valentine’s Day collection is sexually suggestive (for example, the short description for ‘Eve’s Cherry’ is ‘the other forbidden fruit’).

I’m sure most people will say for me to not talk about this and that it’s only a joke and just for fun and I do get that – I think the ‘Aubergine’ and ‘Peachy’ bath bomb concept is funny (just with more toned down descriptions maybe). Just personally, some of the descriptions of the collections make me feel uncomfortable. Whilst I understand that brands try to create new concepts and ideas, I personally am just not the biggest fan of the marketing of this particular collection and I kind of wish brands would move away from the whole ‘sex sells’ idea.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the products themselves are great – they smell great, and they each turn the bath water a nice colour. The smell of them lingers on your skin for a pretty long time which is really nice. I also think the price is really good for these bath bombs, ‘Peachy’ is a pretty big bath bomb so you get a lot of product for your money. However, I personally just don’t like the marketing that much. That, at the end of the day, is down to personal preference. It’s not that I don’t find it amusing, I do, there’s just certain descriptions I don’t like – after all, I’m buying a bath bomb, not a sex toy. As I said, the products themselves are amazing, they’re good quality (as I always find with Lush) and they perform really well. I’d definitely pick up ‘Peachy’ again since I loved how that one smelt, and it’s well priced.

If you want to check out the whole collection then you can find it on Lush’s website here.

Okay so this brings us to the end of this review, please leave a like if you enjoyed reading it. I’d really love to hear what you think about this collection, do you like it, do you not, do you find it funny? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Finally, please follow my blog if you don’t already – I post at least twice a week.


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  1. I loved the peach bath bomb so much!!! Haven’t tried the aubergine one yet though…

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Do you plan on trying it haha

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      1. Yes definitely!!


  2. I used the peach the other day and loved it too! It made my bath so so pink!

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