What I achieved in 2018

Hello and Welcome!

I haven’t posted in a little while because I wanted to spend some time with my family over Christmas – I really hope you had a great time! This will be my last post of 2018 (which seems wild) so I thought I’d wrap up this year by detailing what I achieved in 2018.

I’ve not had the best year, which I’ll touch on in this post, but in January (I was already not having a great year in January) I set some goals for the year. A bit like New Year’s Resolutions, but ones I was actually going to stick to. I printed out and framed these goals in my room so I could see them all the time (it didn’t work out that way but the thought was there) and hopefully hit them! 

I’m going to be going through what goals I set and if I hit them.

When I first started writing this post I wanted it to be super positive but it hasn’t worked out that way whilst I’ve been writing and honestly life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows all of the time (I mean you need a little rain to make a rainbow anyway). I know my blog tends to, on the whole, be a place where I don’t discuss how I’m feeling or what’s going on in my personal life but this post is going to be a little different in that respect.

My 2018 Goals

  1. Don’t be embarrassed of who you are
  2. Focus on yourself, not just others
  3. If someone is shit, leave them behind
  4. Be confident in everything you do
  5. Go Cruelty Free
  6. Continue running and do Zumba
  7. Drink more water
  8. Graduate with a Distinction in Events
  9. Get a full-time job in the Events industry
  10. Build an Instagram following of 1500
  11. Grow WordPress blog following to 500
  12. Continue to blog twice a week
  13. Work with a beauty brand
  14. Fake it until you make it

As you can see I set a fair amount which ranged from vague to really specific and I tried to cover most aspects of my life.

I’m going to quickly explain a little about them and whether I achieved them

Did I Achieve My Goals?

Goals one to four

The first four goals are a lot more personal and a little vague. In January, when I set these goals I was really unsure of myself and wasn’t in a good place. I was in a relationship with someone where I had been living with them, we’d broken up around October time but had to keep living with each other until January. It (obviously) wasn’t a good situation but January marked when I moved back home. Moving back home after living away felt like a step back for me, even though it was the best thing to do, so I was feeling pretty downtrodden. On top of this I was really struggling with my master’s so was just generally feeling overwhelmed.

The first few goals I set to try to make myself feel better more than anything. I always see people who seem so sure of themselves and decided to have more faith in myself and stop trying to please other people at the expense of my own feelings or mental health.

I’d say I did achieve these goals to an extent, I wouldn’t say I’m confident in all that I do but I’m definitely getting there. However, as a result, I did lose a lot of friends. I’m the type of person who is always attentive to friends, will check up on them, and generally put in a lot of effort. Over the years I’ve noticed that what I put out isn’t given back to me and it honestly starts to break you down when you’re putting so much energy out but not receiving anything back. With my mental health not being great I decided that I’d really needed to look after myself more than anything.

I’m not sure what it is about the people I become friends with, but they always seem to be the people who abandon me when things get bad. This has definitely happened this year. Between my boyfriend getting ill, and me dropping to part-time on my university course, my friends disappeared and I guess when I set some of these goals I kind of already knew that the people I had around me weren’t good for me.

For example, someone I used to be good friends with, who knew about everything with my boyfriend, slowly spoke to me less and less, never checking on me/the situation with my boyfriend being ill, then deleted me off of all social media a month or so ago. I probably would have messaged them last year to ask why and see if I’d done something wrong, but I let them go this time. Although this sounds depressing I’m fine with it and it’s a strangely freeing feeling to let people go.

Goals six and seven

Goals six and seven are more towards fitness as, again, when I was feeling rubbish at the beginning of the year I wanted to be more active to hopefully help my mental health. The Zumba was going pretty well up until my boyfriend got sick and we had to stay in Birmingham for months, so I maybe did it once a week for half of the year. This is definitely something I’ll do again in the New Year as I really enjoyed it! Running, however, is evil and I won’t be doing that. I think I maybe went for one run before giving up, it’s just not enjoyable (I’m sorry if you run, it’s just not for me). Drinking water was a bit up and down. I’m not sure how I forget to do such a basic thing that we need to live, but I somehow do. I did get better and I definitely do drink more than I did, but if I’m just sat at home I always somehow forget. Something I need to work on more, for sure!

Goals eight and nine

My eighth and ninth goals regarding my master’s have kind of gone out of the window. Shortly after I wrote these I decided to drop to part-time because I was still feeling really overwhelmed. This would mean I would graduate in 2019 instead of 2018. I’m still going to graduate in 2019 however with my boyfriend being ill, I won’t be doing a dissertation so I’ll be getting a postgraduate diploma in Events Management, instead of a master’s. I’m also not sure if I want a career in the industry, but I guess we’ll see at the end of 2019.

Goal five and goals ten to thirteen

Goal five to go cruelty free, and the remaining goals, were all to do with my blog and social media really. I’d say I’ve mostly succeeded at going cruelty free. I only review items that are cruelty free, but I do sometimes find it challenging to know what brands are and aren’t when I’m out and about. I’ve found toothpaste and mouthwash particularly difficult (apart from supermarkets/Boots/Superdrug’s own brands) but on the whole with makeup and skincare I’d say I’m there.

In terms of my goals for followers, it honestly was a struggle. I’d say Instagram was easier to grow than WordPress, and I actually thought I wasn’t going to reach my WordPress goal, but I managed both of them. I actually managed to smash the Instagram goal and hit over 1800, 300 more than I’d aimed for. I’m definitely going to be setting more follower goals for 2019 as I think they really motivated me and helped a lot (when I set myself something I feel absolutely obligated to do it).

As you’ll know if you’ve been following my blog this year, my twice a week posting has been a little random. My boyfriend being ill meant that I didn’t always post twice a week, but at the same time I was posting three times a week leading up to Christmas, so it might even out a bit. Twice a week was more of an aim for me than a complete obligation, and I’ll be keeping the same kind of structure for 2019.

I actually can’t believe that my thirteenth goal was on there. When I wrote that goal I hadn’t worked with a brand (except one random brand asking me if I wanted face masks, but they didn’t expect me to review them). I’ve been so lucky this year and have worked with so many incredible small brands and honestly it’s been incredible. I’m so thankful to every single brand who sent me something to review, whether I said I liked it or not. However, please don’t read this and think that they all came to me. The reality is that maybe two brands reached out to me this year (yes two, in the whole year), the remaining (which was a lot) consisted of me reaching out to them, usually via Twitter. On Twitter, brands (or individuals) will post opportunities using the following hashtags ‘#prrequest’ ‘#bloggerswanted’, and ‘#bloggersrequired’. I spent a lot of time replying to people through these hashtags and it worked! All I was thinking was ‘if they aren’t going to come to me then I’ll go to them’.

Goal fourteen

This final goal covered everything really and I still stand by it. If you really put your mind to something then you’ll achieve it, but if you can’t imagine yourself doing it then you aren’t really going to try (in my experience anyway).

Misc Achievements/Life Moments

Alongside these goals, many other things happened. I:

  • Met my incredible boyfriend.
  • Got a car.
  • Went to London for the first time for an art exhibition my Uncle was part of.

By the way, please follow my Uncle on Instagram! He’s an incredible artist (this piece sold) and you can see all of his work, plus his works in progress on there. You can find his Instagram here.

  • Volunteered at Isle of Wight Festival which was hugely out of my comfort zone and involved camping during basically the hottest summer ever (it was hell to camp in).
  • Lost my Nan in July.
  • Was nominated for the UK Blog Awards.
  • Went through many hair changes including having an ombre, and dying my hair pink, as well as having a few hair cuts (you can see these in other photos here and on my Instagram).
  • Went to Pub in the Park in Bath and had my first Michelin Star food.
  • Co-ordinated large-scale research at Bristol Pride for my master’s.
  • Helped my friend move house twice.
  • Stepped out of my comfort zone with makeup and improved my skills.

This isn’t everything I did this year, but was what jumped out at me the most when scrolling back through my photos. You can check out these photos and more on my Instagram (make sure you’re following)!

2019 Blog & Social Media Stats

This part is mostly for me so I can look back each year and see how I’m doing in comparison but also if you’re interested for whatever reason (I feel like a lot of people keep their stats to themselves and I’m not sure why).

This doesn’t fully include this year as it won’t include any views etc. from later tonight after this post is published, or tomorrow.

  • Views: 42,725
  • Visitors: 31,453
  • Likes: 2,218
  • Comments: 433
  • Followers: 519 via WordPress, 5 via Email
  • Posts: 89 (which averages at just under 2 a week)
  • Total words: 141,251
  • Average words per post: 1,587
  • Upgraded to Premium Plan in March to get own domain
  • Got WordAds in March (don’t get excited, I’ve made a total of $10 and can’t withdraw until I reach $100)
  • Joined the Awin Affiliate Scheme in March
  • DA: 10
  • Instagram Followers: 1,835
  • Twitter Followers: 872

Okay so this is now the end of this post. It was actually pretty emotional for me to reflect on what happened in 2018, especially when I was going back through photos. I’m sure other things probably happened but these are the things that stood out to me the most. Although I haven’t had the best year in terms of my master’s or my boyfriend being ill, I’ve still achieved so much and am proud looking back at everything.

Here’s to 2019, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

See you next year.


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m sorry about the loss of your Nan & I hope your boyfriend is doing much better! ❤

    Loved how thorough and open you were with your goals and whether you had achieved them! Also, congrats on smashing your blog-specific goals. P.S. Your makeup skills are so insane!!! Giving me hope that with enough practice, I will be able to better my artistic capabilities.

    Wishing you continued success in 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me! My boyfriend has finished treatment we’re just waiting on results which we’ll get in a couple of weeks.

      It was definitely weird for me to share how I feel so much considering I focus mostly on reviews but it was actually really nice! Thank you so much, it does just take a lot of practice ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I admire you so much for your strength. Even though you had to cut back on courses and lost friends along the way, think of it all as part of a master plan. I believe everything happens for a reason. Hope your bf is doing better. Hugs. Here’s to 2019!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Thank you for this! I think so too, I used to get upset about things like losing friends but it’s so much wasted energy to try to keep people in your life which could be better used elsewhere. Hopefully good things are coming! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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