Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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Since it’s just under a week until Christmas I thought that I’d get this post out to give some of you an idea of some Christmas gifts that you could get if you’re going out at the last minute (I class a week before to be last minute) to get some Christmas gifts. 

Who else can’t wait for Christmas?!

Although wherever you go will most likely feel festive and look pretty with Christmas lights, you’ll probably still be feeling stressed and a little panicked. These feelings are only going to be made worse by not having a clue where to go, having to fight through crowds, and being bombarded by Christmas music at every turn.

Although I can’t clear the sea of people you’re going to have to wade through, or silence the strange remixes of Christmas songs you will no doubt encounter, I hope this post gives you some ideas of where to go. I personally think these shops would be good choices to go into to minimise the last-minute rush stress whilst still getting decent gifts that look like you’ve put thought into them. You may or may not have access to all of these shops but I’m hoping that you’ll be able to go in at least some of them.


If you’re buying for someone who likes bath or shower products then Lush is a great bet. Whilst it will be crowded, and your nostrils will be filled with the scent of every product in the shop mashed together, you can stay relatively still in one spot. The prime spot in this shop being the gift sets. This is partiulcarly good if you’re not sure about where to begin in Lush or what products do what. If you just don’t have time for all that smelling and questioning and weighing up the choices, then a gift set is your saving grace. 

Lush have gift sets ranging from £9.95 to £275 so whether you want to get a little something, or basically the whole shop in a box, there will be something you can grab that would make a great gift. 

Not only are these sets pre-selected so each product goes together, but they come already wrapped. So you get a good gift and you don’t even have to wrap it? Sounds like a dream to me.

Hotel Chocolat

Next up we have Hotel Chocolat. Pretty much everybody likes chocolate and, as a gift, I think chocolate is perfect. Especially if it’s from a slightly more luxury brand like Hotel Chocolat. 

I honestly think chocolate is such an easy gift (I always buy at least one chocolate product for everyone) and I think the products in Hotel Chocolat are especially good. From the packaging to the flavours, you can’t really go wrong. They also always have deals so whether you want one box, or have multiple people to buy for and want to do a mix and match, they’ll have your back. 

Don’t have a Hotel Chocolat? That’s fine, Thornton’s is good too! Or just any chocolate shop you can find really (if you have a lot of independent shops near you then go and support them, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised). My rule with gifts when you’re not sure is make sure it looks pretty. If it looks good and sounds good, go for it.

TK Maxx

I know this one is a little bit of a curve ball but TK Maxx have pretty much every different time of product you can think of, including chocolate and bath products. 

However, I wouldn’t say to go in TK Maxx if you’re in a rush or particularly stressed, finding things in this shop isn’t as easy as in a regular shop and even on a good day it can be infuriating.

They really do have everything though and you could probably do all of your shopping in there if you really put your mind to it and find some gems. Just make sure you check the item first! I’m not sure what it is about TK Maxx or why everyone feels the need to fondle every product in there but just make sure it’s okay before you purchase. 

Debenhams/John Lewis/Harvey Nichols

Depending on what you’re looking for a department store is a good shout. Like TK Maxx, they’re going to have a massive range of products.  

I particularly like Debenhams for their gift set range (specifically their food gifts) but of course there’s also beauty, fragrance, homeware, bags, clothes, shoes, etc. all housed under the same roof. The same goes for John Lewis and Harvey Nichols.

The good thing about these shops is that they’re generally relatively easy and clear to navigate your way around, unlike TK Maxx. However, on the whole, you do tend to pay a little bit more for products in these shops I find. It might be a good place to go to look for many different items though.

Of course there are many more places that you can go, however, these are my top picks for a (relatively) stress-free last minute Christmas shop (it can never be stress-free). I think these places are good to go to get gifts for a whole range of different people which is why they’re there. 

Hope your last minute shopping goes well and I hope this post helped you out!

This now brings us to the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you did then please give it a quick like. Let me know in the comments where you would recommend going for last minute Christmas shopping, I’m interested! Finally, please follow my blog if you don’t already, I post cruelty free beauty and lifestyle posts. 


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