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As you can tell by the title, today’s post is going to be a little different. I would class this in with my Christmas posts as it’s about presents. Loose connection, I know.

It’s hard to keep track of all the beauty launches and it’s certainly difficult for products to stand out. I thought I’d share this post to let you know what’s caught my eye, and the beauty products that I’d love to own but (for whatever reason) don’t have yet.

**Links to the Superdrug, and Revolution, websites are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small amount of commission if you click through, and/or purchase through the link. This does not cost you anything extra and helps with my blog**

I’ve never done a post like this before so let’s just jump straight in!

Colourpop Disney Designer Collection

Image taken from

When I saw this collection coming out I had a mix of excitement and sadness. I really love the packaging of this collection; I love Disney and I think the ‘designer’ way that they illustrated the packaging is so beautiful. However, I was sad because I live in the UK. Colourpop ship from America which means shipping fees plus customs fees when the product arrives. I’ve done this twice before, once with Lime Crime (before they sold in the UK) and once with Kylie Cosmetics. The customs fee alone is enough to put me off.

Particularly in this collection I really really wanted:

  • ‘Créme Lux Lipstick’ in ‘Ariel’ – $7.00 (roughly £5.35)

Ariel is my favourite Disney Princess, and I love the colour of this lipstick. However, I also love the look of the following products from the collection:

  • ‘Créme Lux Lipstick’ in ‘Tiana’ – $7.00 (roughly £5.35)
  • ‘Créme Lux Lipstick’ in ‘Belle’ – $7.00 (roughly £5.35)
  • ‘Créme Lux Lipstick’ in ‘Snow White’ – $7.00 (roughly £5.35)
  • ‘Super Shock Shadow’ in ‘Heigh-Ho’ – $5.00 (roughly £3.80)
  • ‘Super Shock Shadow’ in ‘Be Our Guest’ – $5.00 (roughly £3.80)
  • ‘Super Shock Shadow’ in ‘A Whole New World’ – $5.00 (roughly £3.80)
  • ‘Super Shock Highlighter’ in ‘Part of Your World’ – $8.00 (roughly £6.10)

All of the Créme Lux Lipsticks are currently out of stock (and always seem to be out of stock), so even if I was tempted enough to say that I would just pay the customs fee, I wouldn’t be able to place my order.

The total of my wished Colourpop Disney Designer order comes to $51, or roughly £38.99. Conveniently, it’s free international shipping over $50 so if I were to place this order at least I’d get free shipping (even if I’d then have to pay customs)!

If you’d like to check out this collection, you can do so on the Colourpop website here.

Nip + Fab ‘Dragon’s Blood Jelly Mask’

Picture taken from Nip+Fab’s website

I think this is a relatively new product, I certainly haven’t seen it knocking around until very recently!

I love the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood products, I think the collection is overshadowed by their Glycolic range, but the Dragon’s Blood products are really fantastic! I use the Dragon’s Blood pads every day and have for months and months and don’t see myself stopping using them any time soon.

I also adore face masks and this jelly consistency seems really interesting so this product is definitely on my wish list! I’ve actually asked for this for Christmas from my older brother.

This product costs £14.95 and can be bought from a few different places including Nip + Fab’s own website, and Superdrug (Boots don’t seem to have this product at the moment).

Revolution Skincare


The brand Revolution Beauty recently launched a skincare line. Now, I must say that it’s pretty reminiscent of some products created by the brand The Ordinary, but nevertheless I really want to try a couple of products from their new line!

Particularly, I want to try:

  • ‘Rosehip Seed Oil – Gold Elixir’ – £10.00
  • ‘Plumping & Hydrating Solution – 2% Hyaluronic Acid’ – £6.00

The gold elicir reminds me a lot of the Farsali ‘Rose Gold Elixir’, but is half of the price. This is mostly why I want it. I’ve been wanting to try the Farsali one for ages (I swear it used to be more expensive than £20?) but never got around to it due to the price point, therefore when I saw that Revolution have one that reminds me of it, I knew I wanted it. The second product is because I have dry skin and love anything with Hyaluronic acid in it, so why not have just hyaluronic acid on its own?!

These products can be bought either through the Revolution website, or Superdrug.

Huda Beauty ‘Amethyst Obsessions Palette’

Image taken from the Cult Beauty website

Unpopular opinion: I think Huda Beauty palettes are overhyped (like Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes). If you love them then that’s fantastic, they just are a bit dull to me.

When these smaller palettes launched they did peak my attention, and I was trying to resist them but this ‘Amethyst Obsessions’ one I just can’t resist. I love purples and I really, really, want the shimmers in this palette. I also think it would be great for travelling and I love that the palette contains a mirror.

I have to say that it was a review by Rebecca from All Things Allatt, that pushed me over the edge into desperately wanting this palette. The swatches in her review are incredible – especially the shimmers!

Personally I do think this palette is up there in price, as £25 for such a small palette is quite a lot in my eyes. However, I don’t have these colours in my collection and afterall this is a WISH list so I can dream.

You can check out this palette, and the other similar ones that Huda have, on Cult Beauty’s website here.

Spectrum 8 Piece Eye Blending Set


It probably comes as a surprise, if you flick through my Instagram, that I actually don’t have that many brushes. I end up free-styling a lot with brushes or having to wipe colour off of my brushes halfway through a look, so I can use a different colour, because I don’t have enough brushes. I tend to just grab any old brush and try to make it work, so it would be really good to actually have a set of brushes that are supposed to be used on my eyes!

Spectrum I see kicking around a lot on my Instagram feed. I’ve seen many people with their Mean Girls brush collection and I am in love with their Ursula brush collection. However, I’m not about to drop EIGHTY POUNDS on a brush collection, just because it’s themed and comes in a cute bag.

For once, I’m not being lured in (well okay I am, but only if it were cheaper) by the nice packaging. Therefore, it’s practicality over looks with this one (although they still are pretty)!

Their 8 Piece Eye Blending Set is £29.99, which is still on the pricey side, but I really love the look of them and could do with that many brushes! If you’d like to check out that collection then you can do so on the Spectrum website here.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara


You’ll notice that the pictures for this one are different, and that’s because I’ve already had this mascara before. I was first sent it for free by Influenster for testing purposes (which is where these images were from) and I loved it so much that I repurchased it. Then, when I needed it again, it seemingly disappeared from the UK.

Marc Jacobs was initially sold in John Lewis I believe, but when I went to repurchase it, it was gone. This was due to the fact that they were moving from John Lewis into Harvey Nichols. I didn’t actually know this and mourned the loss of my favourite mascara ever. That was until I went into Harvey Nichols in Bristol with my mum to help her pick a Fenty product to get me for Christmas. There in front of me, was a Marc Jacobs counter. So, back on my wish list has to be this incredible mascara!

It is pricey as it costs £22.00. However, it is genuinely the best mascara that I’ve ever used and I am sad without it. It’s definitely worth the money! You can get it from Harvey Nichols through the following link.

There are definitely more products that I want/like the look of, but these are my current top picks!

This brings us to the end of this post, I really hope that you enjoyed reading it – if you did then please give it a quick like! Let me know if you have any of these product and what you think of them, or if any of these are also on your wish list! Please make sure you follow my blog if you aren’t already I am so incredible close to reaching my goal for the year and I really want to make it!


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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Thank you so much! Xx

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  1. I have the Spectrum 8 piece eye set and I love it! Spectrum brushes are my fave brushes to use!x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      That only makes me want it more! I always see bloggers with their brushes, especially all the amazing collections they come out with (I had no idea they were so expensive though). I think this set is the most value for money, I want it so much! Xx

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  2. Joy says:

    Love reading beauty wish lists!! I got the shade “Ariel”, “Tiana” and “Snow White” from the Disney collection, along with the eyeshadow palette. I love the shade Ariel, it’s so nice.I tried the Marc Jacobs mascara and I loved it, I wish I could buy it again 😛

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I wish it wasn’t always sold out! I checked the collection again a few days ago because they were offering free UK shipping and even more was sold out ? I feel like I’ll never get my hands on it lol the Marc Jacobs mascara is amazing isn’t it! I wish it wasn’t so expensive though ? xz

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  3. Oooh this looks like a really good beauty wishlist with a few gems I didn’t know about before but definitely be checking out.

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Really glad that you enjoyed it! Xx


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