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As promised in my last post about Beauty Stocking Fillers under £10, this post will be about the UK Blog Awards 2019 as I’m through to the next round! I’m really excited (but also very nervous) to be through to the next part of the awards – this round consists of a public vote. The UK Blog Awards is really important to me and I’d absolutely love to win (of course) but I really would just like to go through to the next round. I’ll get into why this is important to be after explaining a little about the UK Blog Awards.

Some of you may not be aware of this award so I’ll write a little about it before getting into what category I’m nominated in, and why I’d love for you to vote for me.

What is the UK Blog Awards?

Image taken from UK Blog Awards website

In short, the UK Blog Awards is an annual ceremony which gives awards for blogs in different categories.

On their website they write:

‘The mission of The UK Blog Awards is to recognise the unique and resonant nature of the Internet community – from bloggers to Social Influencers and through organisations and individual creators. The UK Blog Awards is the most prestigious, and the only, multi-industry awards honouring online excellence.

Now in its sixth year, The UK Blog Awards continues to celebrate the most resonant and engaging content creators in the UK, those inside and outside of the prevailing trends.’

The categories available are: ‘Arts & Culture’, ‘Automotive’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Culinary’, ‘Dating’, ‘Design & Architecture’, ‘Digital & Technology’, ‘Education’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Finance’, ‘Gaming’, ‘Green & Eco’, ‘Group’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Mental Health’, ‘Nature & Wildlife’, ‘Parent & Baby’, ‘Photography’, ‘PR, Marketing,& Communications’, ‘Sex’, ‘Social Influencer’, ‘Sports & Fitness’, ‘Travel’, ‘Vlogger’, ‘Weddings’, ‘Wellbeing’, and ‘World View’.

To be considered for the UK Blog Awards you can either submit your own blog or be nominated by someone else/others (or both). The entries are then reviewed and a public vote opens, after this point the finalists are announced, then a series of judges decide on the winner (and a highly commended). The overall winner of each category is then presented with the award at the UK Blog Awards ceremony in the spring.

As well as this annual event, they host ‘#bloghour’ every Tuesday at 9pm on Twitter where they pose topics and questions for bloggers to answer.

How I Entered 

I was very aware of the blog awards, so much so that I had the date that the submissions opened in my calendar. I nominated my own blog initially. However, I know at least two others nominated my blog also (HUGE thank you to anyone who nominated me). 

Why I’d Like Your Vote (warning: it’s soppy)

You can read what I wrote when I applied for the award here. When I wrote this, I wasn’t actually aware that it would be public and everyone would get to read it, but I’m glad I wrote something good. 

I’m usually exceptionally bad at writing about why I should win something. I’m fantastic at supporting other people and writing pieces about why they should win things, but when it comes to myself I always think I don’t deserve it. Which is partially why I would like you to vote for me. 

I’ve always sold myself short, and even though I’m aware that I’m doing it, it’s hard to stop. I never win anything because I either don’t put myself forward, or do so in a way that doesn’t do myself justice (also because I’m horribly unlucky). 

Blogging to me started as a way for me to share my thoughts and feelings on products in such a way that my readers know when they click on a review that they will get all of the information they need to know whether they want to buy the product. It is still like this, of course, but it is also so much more. 

Before starting my blog I was awkward and shy – you only have to scroll through my Instagram to see how nervous I look. It took me a long time to build up to creating my blog because I really thought that no one would care. Even when I did finally get around to making my blog I tried to hide my personality and not be too weird or go overboard.

However, in the last year and a half of blogging I’ve changed massively as a person. Hearing people’s positive comments, seeing people liking my posts and following my blog, and saying that things that I write are funny, has completely transformed who I am. It’s so much more than just writing, to me. 

I think about my blog all of the time and I try to make my content as useful as possible (even if sometimes that means they take 4+ hours to write). 

Becoming a finalist for this award would mean so much to me. I don’t necessarily need validation (fine, maybe a little) but it would be nice to prove that I shouldn’t be afraid of putting my personality into my posts (and all those darn blog posts that tell you your content shouldn’t be too long, are wrong). Also with everything that has happened this year, it would just finally be something nice.

If you’d like to vote for me then you can do so here.

The vote is registered via your IP address, you don’t need to make an account or anything. It takes two seconds you just need to click the ‘Vote Now!’ button.

I know this is a bit of a (okay, a lot of a) soppy post I just wanted to express how I felt about blogging and this whole awards situation. I know some people on Twitter were saying you shouldn’t be asking people to vote for you yourself, but I don’t have anyone else to ask on my behalf and if you want something done then why not do it yourself, eh? 

Anywho, this is the end of this post. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you want more posts that contain my feelings on stuff (that’s really vague) then let me know. I know that I don’t make posts that give you an insight into my life and how I’m feeling very often but if that’s something you’d like then I’m happy to do so. If you did enjoy this post then, as always, give it a quick like. Also follow my blog if you aren’t already, I’m a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger and I post at least twice a week. 

Finally, please do vote for me if you’d like to!

My next post will either be a review of some Jasper&Jasper home products (my favourite – candles), or November’s Cruelty Free Beauty Box.


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

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