The Cruelty Free Beauty Box July 2018 Review

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I know what you’re thinking: it feels like only last week that she reviewed this box. You would be correct. As I said in that post, I’m a little (okay a lot) behind with my reviews. Therefore, I’d only just got around to reviewing last month’s box. I’m also being a little bit sneaky and only just fitting this month’s box into this month, since tomorrow is August. Isn’t that wild to think that tomorrow is August?!

Anyway, let’s get into this review! As always, I will be giving a rundown about what The Cruelty Free Beauty Box is and what the different plans are, as well as what I chose on my profile when I signed up. Also as always, feel free to skip this part if you already know.

What is ‘The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’?

You can choose between either ‘The Beauty Box’, or ‘The Makeup Box’, each contains 5 full-sized, travel, and sample-sized products. The Beauty Box is £14.95 per month, and the makeup one is £19.95 per month. Items from each box can cross over, so you can receive makeup items in the beauty box. They send out each box around the 10th of each month.

I chose the Beauty Box as I wanted a more diverse box that didn’t just contain makeup (and it was cheaper).

When you choose your plan, you create a profile of sorts. It will ask: your skin tone, makeup style, nail preference, skin type, hair length, hair type, hair colour, if you sunbathe, and if you fake tan. You also have the opportunity to provide your birthday.

If anyone is interested, I chose: Fair, dark and sultry, dark, dry, short, straight, brown, I don’t sunbathe, I fake tan.

What I Received 


The above photo shows what I received in July’s box. From left to right top to bottom I had:

  • The Cruelty Free Beauty Box ‘Dead Sea Bath Salts’ in ‘Pomegranate & Acai’ – £3.95
  • Benecos ‘Natural CC Concealer’ – £7.95
  • Naissance ‘Chai Seed Certified Organic Oil’ – £2.99
  • Bowe Organics Lash Oil – £19.99
  • Bain and Savon ‘Peppermint Foot Treatment’ – £6.50

Based on these prices taken from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website, this month’s box value is £41.38. Which, as it alway is, is an incredible value when I only pay £14.95 per month for the box!

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box ‘Dead Sea Bath Salts’ in ‘Pomegranate & Acai’ – £3.95

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box 'Dead Sea Bath Salts' in 'Pomegranate & Acai'

A couple of months ago we received a product by The Cruelty Free Beauty Box so I was extremely excited to see another one. As I said in that post, I love seeing new brands succeed and it’s so incredible that they have their own line of products.

The description for this product on their website is:

‘Our Pomegranate and Acai Dead Sea Bath Salts are a real treat for the tub. This delicious fragrance smells of a blend of Pomegranate, Acai, Blueberry and Blackberries!

All of our Bath Salts come packaged in resealable pouches which are Recyclable & Biodegradable!’

I adore bath products, despite not having many baths. I always love the idea of a bath, but then when it comes to the time to actually have one, I tend to choose a shower instead because they take so long. Due to not really being at home recently, I unfortunately haven’t got around to trying these out yet. However, I definitely haven’t forgotten about them and I know that it’s a product that I will 100% get use out of and love, even if I haven’t used them yet.

This item also comes in a few other types including: ‘Satsuma & Grapefruit’, ‘Lavender & Ylang Ylang’, ‘Sweet Blossom’, ‘Damask Rose’, ‘Patchouli & Lime’, and ‘Citrus Twist’. The version that I have is the 100g bag that they sell which is £3.95, I think this is a fantastic price and you should get a few uses out of it. They also sell a 500g bag and a 1kg bag for £9.95 and £15.95.

If you would like to try any of these, or just find out some more information, then you can do so here.

Benecos ‘Natural CC Concealer’ – £7.95

Benecos 'Natural CC Concealer'

Now this was a product that I unfortunately wasn’t very interested in when I first opened the box.

The description for this product on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website is as follows:

‘This natural concealer is suitable for all skin tones and provides the perfect base for any make-up. It contains four easily blendable shades to correct and perfect any skin condition from blotches and blemishes to dark circles.

Beige: hides shadows and circles under the eyes

Pink: conceals dark circles

Purple: freshens and brightens the complexion

Green: neutralises red blotches and blemishes

Specially formulated with apricot kernel and castor oils to soften and protect the skin.’

As wonderful as this product sounds, I really don’t ever use colour correcting concealers. Therefore, this isn’t a product that I will be using and has gone straight into my giveaway box. I do like the way the product sounds, I think it would probably be quite hydrating, it just isn’t the type of makeup product that I use.

However, if you think this is something that you would be interested in then you can check it out on the beauty box’s website here, or watch out for an upcoming giveaway.

Naissance ‘Chai Seed Certified Organic Oil’ – £2.99

Naissance 'Chai Seed Certified Organic Oil'

This, along with the next product, was something that I was drawn to in the box. Who doesn’t love a product that comes with a little squeezy pipette in it?

This products description on the beauty box’s website is:

‘100% pure, cold pressed unrefined/virgin Chia Seed Oil, certified organic by the Soil Association.

Rich in skin loving fatty acids and vitamins, it is moisturising, calming and protecting.

A medium rich oil, used sparingly for maximum results, which quickly absorbs, helping to hydrate, nourish and soften all skin types including sensitive and mature skin.

Brought to you in a glass bottle with an easy-to-use dropper for maximum control. Easy to apply without wasting a drop.

Not tested on animals and vegan friendly. No GMO and Hexane free.’

This is another product that I haven’t got around to using yet. Mostly because I’m not 100% sure what it’s meant to be used for. I assume that you can use it anywhere for hydration and soothing, but it isn’t completely clear to me therefore I haven’t been reaching for it. I only tend to use oils on my hair or nails rather than on my skin, so I might give this a go on my hair after I research into whether it can be used in that way.

One thing that I do wish the box would make clearer is exactly how to use products. Some of these items (like this one) don’t have instructions on the product, and I’m not the type of person who wants to be googling how to use a product each time before using it.

If this product sounds like it’s up your alley then you can find out more information, or buy one for yourself, here (they also sell a 50ml version for £5.99).

Bowe Organics Lash Oil – £19.99

Another product with a dropper, means another product I was excited for (plus the fact it had its own little bag made it even more interesting to me).

This product’s description, taken from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website is as follows:

‘Bowe Organics lash oil, for everyone who wants beautiful hydrated lashes.

With luxury ingredients like organic castor oil  which can help thicken and lengthen lashes, and the powerful antioxidant vitamin E to help protect, it’s the perfect add on to everyone’s beauty regime.

Now registered with the Vegan Society


Simply apply one or two drops to finger tips and gently massage into clean, dry eyelashes taking care not to get into the eyes. Best applied on an evening before bedtime.’

I have used this product a few times and haven’t noticed a huge difference. I haven’t ever really remarked that my eyelashes are dry, nor have I used an eyelash oil before. However, I’m sure we all want thicker and longer lashes. I will continue to use this product as I think that it’s something that builds up more than being able to see an instant effect. I did notice that my mascara went on better after using it though, so perhaps it does help my lashes out.

Due to the nature of the product, I do find it is a bit of effort. I find it difficult to apply without a mirror (because it does say not to get it in your eyes), which does put me off of using it a bit. I’m usually pretty tired by the time my night-time skincare routine rolls around and this product requires a bit of focus.

Whilst £19.99 is quite expensive, I do think the bottle will last a long time as you’re only using a couple of drops at a time and it’s easy to control the amount you’re distributing with the dropper.

If you are interested in this product and would like to find out more than you can do so here on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website.

Bain and Savon ‘Peppermint Foot Treatment’ – £6.50

Bain and Savon 'Peppermint Foot Treatment'

Now this product I think was the standout from this month’s box for me. As you’re going to probably know by this point, I have dry skin. I think the skin on my feet is the worst, mostly because I don’t tend to take care of it compared to other parts of my body.

The description for this final product on the beauty box’s website is as follows:

‘Peppermint Foot Treatment is both an aggressive exfoliant and deeply nourishing cream foam. this alpine-fresh treatment deliciously transforms your calloused peds into kitten paws.

Gently exfoliate to detoxify, cleanse and slough away dead surface cells on rough feet, elbows, or knees.’

This is a pretty interesting product. I’ve used it quite a few times in the shower now and I really like it. When you scoop a bit out it feels like your classic exfoliating product, slightly abrasive, however when you start to rub it in it does turn into more of a foam as described.

One of my favourite things about this is the smell, the fact it smells minty makes everything just feel a million times fresher and I’m glad that they chose this scent.

The product itself works pretty well, it does leave my feet feeling pretty soft but it’s not a one hit wonder kind of product, you definitely need to use it a few times to fully get rid of dry skin – or I do anyway. Depending on how dry your skin is, your results will vary, but overall I adore this product. I will continue to use it until it’s gone and am already considering repurchasing it, especially as £6.50 is pretty affordable!

This was definitely my favourite product from this month’s box and I’d 100% recommend it if you’re looking for a product like this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

If you do think that this product is something that you would enjoy then you can check it out on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website here.

Overall, this month’s box was a little bit hit and miss for me but there were some fantastic products that I will definitely get use out of. Whether I enjoy the products or not I really love that this beauty box gives me the opportunity to discover new cruelty free brands at such a fantastic price. If you think this box sounds like it’s up your alley and you’re considering subscribing to this box, or just are interested in find out some more information, then you can check out their website here for their different plans.

Also, if you’d like to check out my previous reviews on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, and boxes that I was receiving before going cruelty free, then you can do so here.

So this now brings us to the end of this review and I really hope that you enjoyed reading it. I can’t wait for next month’s box (and I’ll try to review it on time)! If you did enjoy reading this month’s The Cruelty Free Beauty Box review then please like this post. Additionally, make sure that you follow my blog if you aren’t already (I know many people reading aren’t), I’m putting a lot of work into posting three times a week at the moment. I write about cruelty free beauty and create the occasional lifestyle post, so if that’s something you’re interested in then I’d recommend following so you know when I’m posting!


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  1. I love the sound of the Dead Sea Bath Salts! This beauty box is amazing! ?

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Isn’t it just! I love getting it every month and I know right, it’s so cool that the brand themselves have started making products! ❤️

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  5. jamnesreen says:

    I’ve read that dead sea salts has a lot of benefits to our skin. It heals a lot of skin problems. I’ve only known of this subscription box just now. In your blog. Wow! Love that it’s all cruelty free and they support up and coming brands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I haven’t tried a lot of products with dead sea salt in but I’ve heard it’s good too! Awh thank you ❤️


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