‘Bloggers Thoughts on Blogging and Commitments’ & Taking a Break

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This is a quick post mostly linking to another post, but I will also give a quick update about my current situation.


Firstly, I am part of a collaborative piece called ‘Bloggers thoughts on blogging and commitments’ and I wanted to share it with you. This piece was brought together and published on John Sennett’s blog, and was written by John, a lovely blogger called Ruth, and I. We discuss why we blog, how we juggle commitments, and talk about our favourite posts. Please head over and read that post! You can do so via this link –Β Bloggers thoughts on blogging and commitments.

I really hope that you enjoy the post, and if you do then please give it a like and be sure to follow me, John, and Ruth!

Taking a Break

In other news, I will not be as active on my blog for a while.

My boyfriend is currently in hospital and we’re unsure how long his stay will be – we were transferred to another hospital yesterday. I am staying with him until he is discharged so, although I have my laptop, it will be difficult to blog. I will still be putting out some posts about things that I’ve already tested, but I don’t have anything here to test so newer items that I have will have to wait until I return home. I’ll try to be as active as I can be as I will probably use social media to distract myself however if there’s less posts, or no posts, then this is why.

Thank you all for always sticking with me no matter what, it should return to normal soon!

If there are any posts that you’d like to see that aren’t reviews of products, such as my opinions on something or some tips or tricks about a topic, then please let me know in a comment as these will be easier for me to write at the moment.


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

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