The Cruelty Free Beauty Box May 2018 Review

Hello and Welcome!

We’re at that time of the month again where my cruelty free beauty box has come in and I’ve had a chance to try out all the goodies.

This month’s box was a bit different, in that it was the brand’s first birthday (happy birthday to them), so in celebration they gave 6 beauty products instead of 5, and a sweet treat. Additionally, if you had a lucky box then you may have received another extra product, a Vegan Bunny Co candle, a golden ticket to win a 3 month paid subscription, or 1000 bunny rewards. Me being me, I had none of these, however I was still grateful for the additional product and sweet item!

As always I’ll quickly explain a bit about The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, so if you’ve already read this in one of my previous posts, or know about the brand already, then feel free to skip past to what I received this month.

What is ‘The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’?

You can choose between either ‘The Beauty Box’, or ‘The Makeup Box’, each contains 5 full-sized, travel, and sample-sized products. The Beauty Box is £14.95 per month, and the makeup one is £19.95 per month. Items from each box can cross over, so you can receive makeup items in the beauty box. They send out each box around the 10th of each month.

I chose the Beauty Box as I wanted a more diverse box that didn’t just contain makeup (and it was cheaper).

When you choose your plan, you create a profile of sorts. It will ask: your skin tone, makeup style, nail preference, skin type, hair length, hair type, hair colour, if you sunbathe, and if you fake tan. You also have the opportunity to provide your birthday.

If anyone is interested, I chose: Fair, dark and sultry, dark, dry, short, straight, brown, I don’t sunbathe, I fake tan.

What I Received 


The photo above details what I received in this month’s box. From left to right, top to bottom, I was sent:

  • The Cruelty Free Beauty Box ‘Sugar Scrub’ in ‘Coconut and Lime’ – £4.95
  • Manna Kadar ‘Blossom Floral Compact’ – £18.00
  • Holly’s Lollies ‘Giant Lolly’ in ‘Cherry & Amaretto’ – £3.50
  • The Soap Story ‘Hand Cleansing Gel’ in ‘Mandarin’ – £2.95
  • Delune ‘Coconut & Rose Facial Mist’ – £18.00
  • Bubbly Badger ‘Vegan Lip Balm’ in ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’ – £4.29
  • Okko Skincare ‘Foot Balm’ – £3.00

These prices have been taken from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website here.

Using these prices, this month’s box value is £54.69. I feel like every month I say that the value of the box is the biggest it’s ever been and this is the case again. I’m honestly unbelievably impressed that this month’s box came with over £50 worth of items, despite only paying £14.99 for the subscription. That is some incredible value, no one can deny that.

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box ‘Sugar Scrub’ in ‘Coconut and Lime’ – £4.95

I was unsure what this little parcel was when I first opened up the box (but it smelt great). It wasn’t until I read the little card that comes with the box that I realised what it was.

The claims for this product I have taken from the card that came with the box, since I was unable to find this product online:

‘Our delightful Sugar Scrubs only contain 100% Natural ingredients. Simple rub the bar over wet skin in the bath or shower. Work the mixture into your skin with your hands, and then lightly rinse to be left silky smooth! We’ve packaged these as minimal as we can with Biodegradable Tissue Paper!’

This product makes me excited for two reasons. Firstly, I love scrubs that I can use in the shower. Secondly, seeing smaller brands branching out, growing, and succeeding, makes me happy. I’m so happy for The Cruelty Free Beauty Box and I hope that they continue creating products to go into their boxes (and be sold on their website). I believe this is the first product that they’ve made themselves and I’m excited to see what they make in the future.

One thing that I do find a little odd is that I can’t seem to find this product on their website (if there is a link on their website please let me know). I’m not sure whether this was just a one off for the subscription box and they don’t plan on selling them in the future. Or whether they’re waiting to see their consumers’ reactions before beginning to distribute.

I personally love this product. It doesn’t particularly smell like lime and coconut to me (it maybe smells slightly like coconut when it’s being washed off), but I still like the scent. To begin with the product was pretty abrasive, but once it was wet and broken in, it was fine. I found the best way to use it was to rub a bit on your body then exfoliate using the product on your skin, instead of rubbing the block around. Everywhere I used it, it left feeling super soft and exfoliated away all dead skin.

I’m hoping that they do start selling this on their website as I’d highly recommend it, and it’s so affordable.

UPDATE: They informed me on Instagram that they were adding the scrubs to their website, they were just waiting on some photos. They’re now up and you can find them here.

Manna Kadar ‘Blossom Floral Compact’ – £18.00

I’ve had a product from this brand before and I believe I liked it. However, I’m not sure what the product was, so I clearly don’t reach for it often.

The claims for this product on the box’s website are as follows:

‘This multi-functional pressed blush & highlighter is embossed with a beautiful, multi-colour floral design that will help you achieve healthy glowing skin. Use the three shades separate or blend them together to achieve the perfect balance of colour and highlight.


  • Gives a natural glow to the face and body
  • Highly pigmented
  • Mix colours together to create a custom shade or use separately as a highlighter and blush
  • Can also be used as an eyeshadow
  • Paraben Free’

I’ve never had a product that is split like this before so I was interested by the concept. Also, I have recently been getting into contour/bronzer so I was looking forward to trying this out.

I found that the highlighter was a bit to dark for me, as it leaned more towards being yellow/gold. Additionally, I personally prefer my highlighters to be more blinding than this one. The bronzer was quite confusing to me. Despite only picking up the bronzer section on my finger, it swatched very pink/red, which isn’t what I personally would like my bronzer to look. Finally, the blush is pretty and a nice light pink, however I prefer my blushes to me matte.

One major issue that I had with this compact, is how small it is. Both my blush, and contour, brushes are bigger than the whole compact. Therefore, trying to pick up just the blush, or just the contour, would be difficult. It would mean that you wouldn’t have any choice but to swirl in the pan and mix all of the colours. This, to me, defeats the point of each part being sectioned in the compact.

Personally, for me I don’t think this product is worth it, even to use it as an eyeshadow instead of a blush/bronzer/highlighter (since I wouldn’t use it as any of those). You can purchase entire eyeshadow palettes (such as palettes from Revolution Pro) for just over half of that price.

Of course, this is just my opinion and you may think differently. Therefore, if you would like to check out this product and maybe get one for yourself then you can do so here.

Holly’s Lollies ‘Giant Lolly’ in ‘Cherry & Amaretto’ – £3.50


I was extremely excited to see this in the box and it was definitely something that immediately caught my eye. I’ve never had a box that has a sweet treat in it before, therefore I’ve never reviewed an item like this here on my blog.

This product has the following description on the beauty box’s website:

‘A delicious giant alcoholic lollipop made with real amaretto and flavoured with subtle sweet tangy cherry. Perfect for the young at heart, great at weddings!

Holly’s Lollies are made here in the UK using traditional methods.

Their delicious alcoholic lollipops are their take on classic confectionery.

This delicious giant cherry and amaretto giant lollipops is perfect for parties, wedding favours and at a hen do. These also make fun and unique stocking fillers that you can’t get anywhere else.’

Honestly, this rock lolly is fantastic. Firstly, it’s absolutely massive. Secondly, it tastes incredible. This amaretto and cherry flavour is delicious and I would highly recommend (but if it doesn’t sound like something you’d like then there are other flavours to choose from)

If you’re looking for a gift for someone and they like sweet items then I’d definitely recommend getting one of these, I think £3.50 is very fair for the size of the item, and I’m sure they’d love it as much as I did!

To check out all the different rock lolly options, you can find them through this link.

The Soap Story ‘Hand Cleansing Gel’ in ‘Mandarin’ – £2.95


If you’ve been reading for a while, you’d know that citrus scents are my favourite. Additionally, who doesn’t love a good hand sanitiser? So this product combining citrus scents, and something practical, is a winner.

The claims for this product, taken from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website, are as follows:

‘Love staying fresh on the go? Perfect for busy bees, dog walkers, parents and kids! In a convenient 50ml hand bag size it’s ‘soap-er handy’! First Love is the scent of pure calmness mixed with baby powder. Made with sweet almond extract so it’s not drying either! Apply a small amount to hands. Spread over palms, backs of hands and fingertips. Continue rubbing until dry.’

I recently got a car and decided to put this in the glove box for emergencies. I’ve already had one such emergency, where my hubcap half fell off and my mum got out to pull it off, getting covered in dirt in the process. This gel cleaned her up really fast and it smells great!

I’ve used this a couple of times and I really love it. One of my pet hates with hand sanitisers is where they don’t absorb into your skin quickly and they leave a sticky residue. This one absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any kind of tackiness. Additionally, unlike other similar products, this doesn’t leave my hands feeling super dry, which is fantastic.

If you would like to grab this product then you can do so on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s online shop here.

Delune ‘Coconut & Rose Facial Mist’ – £18.00

This product also caught my eye as soon as I opened the box, mostly because of how bright it is. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I do use facial sprays, so I was interested to find out more.

Claims from the Cruelty Free Beauty Box website:

‘Facial mists have become a staple to everyone’s skin care routine and our Coconut + Rose face spray one is sure to be part of yours as well. Enriched with the hydrating qualities of organic rose and vitamin E found in coconuts, this is a must have facial spray for all those looking for the perfect radiance booster for their skin. Use it after your makeup routine to create a soft dewy look or as a toner to prep your skin for your nightly skincare routine.

The Delune mist range is perfect in summer to refresh a tired skin or as a hydrating facial spray in the winter to remove any flakiness on the skin. The ingredients in this facial mist work together to restore balance in your skin tone as well as replenishing it to its natural PH levels. A pick-me-up product that shouldn’t be missed!’

I personally don’t think this smells like coconut and rose at all, I wouldn’t say it has much of a scent, which I actually enjoy. I hate the smell of rose (but love coconut), so I’m glad it doesn’t smell like rose.

One big issue that I have with this bottle is that the label you see on the bottle (with the brand and product name, size of the product and a website) is all the information on the bottle. There are no instructions for use, or claims of the product, printed on the bottle, nor are the ingredients anywhere to be found. Now whilst the card that comes with the box explains how to use it and what it’s supposed to do, I’m realistically not going to keep that card. I have put the claims up above, which I took from the beauty box’s website, but personally, I like these to be on the bottle so I don’t have to keep looking up the product. Additionally, the product should have the ingredients on it, for those who have health conditions or allergies.

I’ve used this product a couple of times and honestly I can’t say that I noticed a difference in my skin. I currently use a setting spray and then a hyaluronic acid spray. I swapped the hyaluronic acid spray out for this one and I didn’t notice a difference, if anything my skin was slightly more dry. I also found the spray was extremely fine and difficult to control where it goes. This being said, I will get use out of this product and will take it to a festival with me at the end of June.

For £18.00, I’m not sure if I personally would want to purchase this product. However, we are all different and this might sound right up your alley (plus they have different variations). Therefore, if you would like to purchase this, or any other, Delune spray then you can do so here.

Bubbly Badger ‘Vegan Lip Balm’ in ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’ – £4.29


This wasn’t a product that I was drawn to when I opened the box, just because there were bigger and bolder products. However, I absolutely adore this lip balm.

The claims for this product on the Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website is very minimal, the website states:

‘Strawberry Bon Bon Vegan Lip Balm. Contained in a small plastic 25ml pot, our Lip Balms are perfect for the pockets and handbags of those that get chapped or dry lips. Our Strawberry Bon Bon Lip Balm is made from soya wax, almond oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine and some very Fruit fragrance oils.’

I love the brand name and this product smells absolutely divine. It honestly does smell exactly like strawberry bon bons and it’s delicious.

When I’m not wearing lipstick I find myself reaching for this balm a lot. It’s really silky and glides onto my lips. I find it very hydrating and it just feels lovely on, it also leaves my lips super smooth.

I would highly recommend picking up one of these if you’re looking for a new lip balm. For £4.29 I think it’s really worth it and you don’t need to apply a lot to coat your lips. You can check this product out on the beauty box’s website here (they have a few different options).

Okko Skincare ‘Foot Balm’ – £3.00


There was an Okko Skincare product in last month’s box that I never ended up using. However, I was excited to see a different type of product by the same brand in this month’s box.

The description for this final product on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website is:

‘Give your feet with some extra TLC, they deserve it! Organic Calendula Oil aids to calm and sooth skin as well helping the tissue regeneration and healing process. Eucalyptus brings in another boost of healing and soothing skin and it will leave your feet nicely refreshed.’

I think I possibly have the driest skin ever, and my feet are no exception. I use foot masks, I use body scrubs on my feet, but they’re still dry. Therefore, any product that’s supposed to help my feet, I will welcome.

I’ve used this product quite a few times now, after showering, after exfoliating, and before bed. I’ve had quite mixed results and feelings. I think it worked quite well after showering and exfoliating, however exfoliating removed a lot of the dead skin anyway so I don’t have any way to know whether it was the exfoliating, or this product, that helped my skin. When using it before bed and leaving it overnight it did work quite well. Whilst still feeling dry, my skin does feel a lot softer, and I think continued use will help further.

For £3.00 for a ‘try me’ size, I think this is definitely worth a go if you have particularly dry skin like I do. I typically find that a combination of products works for my skin (e.g. my skincare routine has many different products in it), therefore if you’re already using a few different products on your feet but need that extra boost, then I think this product will give exactly that.

If you’d like to grab this product then you can get it here.

Overall, this has been my favourite box so far (yes, I know I said that last month but I didn’t know this incredible box was coming). I will get use out of everything in the box (probably apart from the Manna Kadar product), and I’m so glad that I got to discover some new brands and products. I always enjoy getting this box and I think it’s a wonderful idea. If you would like to subscribe to this box, or find out more information, then you can check out The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website here, for their different plans.

If you’d like to check out my previous reviews on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, and boxes that I was receiving before going cruelty free, then you can do so here.

This brings us to the end of this review on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box May 2018, I hope that you enjoyed it! If you did enjoy reading then please give this review a quick like! Furthermore, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this box so drop some comments below. Also, please follow my blog if you think that it’s something you’d like to read in the future. I’d appreciate it if you followed so you always know when I’m posting, and you can follow using a WordPress account, or via email!


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  1. Joy says:

    Great post, it’s too bad that the blush/bronzer/highlighter didn’t work out for you, it actually looks so nice!!


  2. I am subscribing the Petit Vour Box and want to try other cruelty-free vegan box. This is really helpful. Looks like they will include a lot of goodies that I will actually use. Let me check out their subscription plan.
    By the way, I want to try that lollipop.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Glad you found it useful! They send a lot of different products (there was a toothpaste last month and I’ve had soaps before) so it’s always really fun and different!

      The lollipop was so so good, I want another xx


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  4. Wow this is awesome and I definitely want to subscribe to this once I’ve got my money sorted out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I really like it and definitely think that it’s worth it! I love getting the box every month and not knowing exactly what will be inside xx


  5. This box looks great. I’m not currently subscribing to a box but I did try an ethical beauty box recently. Natural products always smell so good! Love how you have a lolly in this one. Touches like that make all the difference.

    Samantha x

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  8. Madame Said says:

    Fab review as ever. This is on my list to try if I ever get through the mountain of products I have. The only sub I have kept going is Treatbox x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Thank you! I’d definitely recommend this one, certainly one of the better subscription boxes I’ve had in terms of price and the products you get for the price xx


  9. It looks amazing!! I definitely want to subscribe to this once I have the chance!! Thanks for the tip!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I definitely think it’s worth it if you think you’d like the products ❤️


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