Stila ‘Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo’ Review

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Sorry I didn’t post earlier in the week, I had a university deadline and then was distracted by all the snow that we had here in the UK!

As you can tell from the title, today’s review will be on the ‘Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo’ from Stila. I’m relatively new to using products from Stila, with a set of their ‘Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow’ Liquid Eyeshadows being my first time using products from the brand (read that review here).

This product retails on the Stila website for £31, however I purchased this product in TK Maxx just before Christmas for £5.99. I honestly cannot recommend TK Maxx enough, if one near you had a beauty section that’s in good condition (some are trashed) then it’s worth going there every now and again to check what they have in stock. I’ve bought 4 different Stila products from there since December, 3 Nip + Fab products, and a Kevyn Aucoin powder.


All Stila packaging is pretty similar, in that most of it is this gold colour with the brand name clearly on it. As you may have realised if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I love gold packaging on beauty products. If I’m shopping and I see something with gold packaging I’m on it in 5 seconds flat. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I really like this packaging. Although it leans more towards a bronze gold, it’s still nice.

The product’s outer cardboard is the same shade as the main packaging. One thing I like is that the contour kit comes with a guide with how to contour based on your face shape.


The description for the product on the Stila website is as follows:

‘Accent your features by sculpting and shaping with this customised duo of cream contour and highlighting shades.

Infused with line filling properties, it instantly blurs imperfections, leaving skin smooth and defined. This sheer, long-wearing cream-to-matte formula blends perfectly for a flawless contoured result.’


Please excuse the slight use on the contour shade, on occasion I get excited about products when I first get them and swatch them before I’ve remembered to take a picture!

The version of this that I have is the ‘medium’ shade duo. Typically I do go for ‘light’ in contour products (and products in general) due to being the shade of a sheet of paper. However, I figured I would be able to make this work.

I knew I wasn’t going to use the highlighter shade as I don’t ever tend to use products like that. Additionally, as you can see, even if I wanted to use this it would be far too dark and orange for my skin tone.

I used the contour for a while after getting it and did enjoy the way that it performed. As the shade that I have is medium, it does fall slightly orange on me. However, if I use a small amount and blend it out well then it’s fine. To apply this I took a small amount on my finger tip and dragged it from in line with the top of my ear down towards my mouth, just below my cheek bone. I then blended outwards and upwards with my finger. I personally found that using my finger was easier than using a brush but that’s personal preference. One thing I did find was that a little goes a long way, you definitely don’t need a lot of product to create the desired look. I did struggle a little with blending, and found that it took quite a while to get it blended in to look natural – however again this may be because of the shade.

Personally, I like to go over this product with a little bit of powder contour to ensure that it’s fully blended, and to keep the product from moving around throughout the day (after all, it is a cream).

Overall, I do like this product. However, I haven’t been using it recently just because of how long it takes for me to blend it. This may just be an issue that I have personally since the shade is slightly too dark for me, and I don’t wear foundation so the product doesn’t have anything to blend into (although I haven’t found that to cause an issue with cream contour products before). For the price I paid at TK Maxx, I would really recommend this but I’m unsure if I can recommend it at the price that it retails for. £31 is a lot of money to me, for two shades to contour with. I don’t think that the product is anything revolutionary or special, and I’ve had other cream contour products before that perform equally as well, if not better, for less money (e.g. the NYX contour stick). I do think that this Stila contour duo would last a long time since you don’t use a lot per application, I’m just unsure if that justifies the price point for me. If you can find this product on offer or for a heavy discount, then I’d definitely say pick it up and give it a go.

Nevertheless, the price point is just my personal opinion. If you are happy paying the current retail price of £31, or if you’d like any more information about the product, then you can find it on the Stila website here.

So this brings us to the end of this review on the Stila ‘Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo’, I hope that you enjoyed reading! If you did, then please give this review a like. Also, be sure to follow my blog if you think that it’s something that you’d like to read in the future – I post twice a week and have more Stila reviews coming!


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