The Cruelty Free Beauty Box February 2018 Review

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I hope that you’re having an incredible week so far! Once again, I’ve been having a pretty bad time, but I’m hoping that things will start to get better now!

Since unsubscribing from Cohorted before Christmas, I told myself I’d join a new beauty box subscription in the new year. After becoming cruelty free, I did a bit of research into different cruelty free beauty box subscriptions and ended up on this one. There wasn’t really that much choice when it came to boxes that would only send cruelty free, it was pretty much between this one and ‘The Pip Box’. I was going to subscribe to both but I was concerned that I might get the same products in both boxes – and I was right – so I chose this one (mostly because I liked their website more).

What is ‘The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’?

You can choose between either ‘The Beauty Box’, or ‘The Makeup Box’, each contains 5 full-sized, travel, and sample-sized products. The Beauty Box is £14.95 per month, and the makeup one is £19.95 per month. Items from each box can cross over, so you can receive makeup items in the beauty box. They send out each box around the 10th of each month (mine was shipped exactly on the 10th – so I’m a little behind on this review).

I chose the Beauty Box as I wanted a more diverse box that didn’t just contain makeup (and it was cheaper).

When you choose your plan, you create a profile of sorts. It will ask: your skin tone, makeup style, nail preference, skin type, hair length, hair type, hair colour, if you sunbathe, and if you fake tan. You also have the opportunity to provide your birthday.

If anyone is interested, I chose (I think): Fair, dark and sultry, dark, dry, short, straight, brown, I don’t sunbathe, I fake tan.

What I Received 


The photo above shows what I received in my February 2018 The Cruelty Free Beauty Box. From left to right, top to bottom, I got:

  • Medusa’s Makeup ‘Witch Lash Mascara’ in ‘Black Noir’ – £9.95
  • Evolve Organic Beauty ‘Cotton Fresh Deodorant’ – £10.00

  • OKKO Skincare ‘Face Balm with Organic Clary Sage & Rose Geranium’ – £4.00

  • Evolve Organic Beauty ‘Nourishing Hair Elixir’ – £16.00

  • Friendly Soap ‘Detox Bar’ – £2.95

All prices have been taken from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website.

So based on these prices, the total value of the box is £42.90. I’d say that that’s a pretty incredible value considering I only paid £14.95! The box does come with a card which has the prices of the products, and some information about each item which is useful.

Medusa’s Makeup ‘Witch Lash Mascara’ in ‘Black Noir’ – £9.95

I’m always open to trying new mascaras, and this isn’t a brand that I’ve ever heard of, so I was very excited to try this out.

The description on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website for this product is as follows:

‘Lengthening & Volumising Mascara w/ flexible rubber brush.’

I can’t say that is the most detailed and useful descriptions I’ve ever read, and it makes it difficult to compare the product to the claims. Nevertheless, we’ll let the product do the talking in this case.

The packaging for this product isn’t my favourite, as much as I love gold. The wand is very thin which I don’t mind. However, when it says ‘flexible rubber brush’, it does mean it. When I was applying the product, the brush kept bending. I found that this made it quite difficult to use as it didn’t really grip onto my lashes.

In terms of the actual product, it’s not too bad but I wouldn’t say that it’s my favourite mascara. Currently I’m absolutely stuck on the Marc Jacobs ‘Velvet Noir’ mascara, which is super expensive but is by far the best mascara I’ve ever used. I found this Medusa’s Makeup one took a lot of layers to make my lashes look even close to how I wanted. The mascara provides a lot of separation and length to my lashes but it doesn’t add much volume so I found my lashes looked a bit sparse. However, it worked amazingly on the bottom lashes. I typically find that mascaras with wands like these are good for the bottom lashes, and getting to hard to reach lashes.

If you’d like to try this product then you can purchase it from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website for £9.95 here.

Evolve Organic Beauty ‘Cotton Fresh Deodorant’ – £10.00

I really like the packaging for this one. Whilst it is minimalist, I really like the style of it. You also get quite a lot product, I can’t see much being used in one application.

On The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website, the product has the following description:

‘This natural and vegan deodorant is blended with nourishing Organic Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Kaolin, Bicarbonate of Soda and natural essential oils deliver very effective and long lasting freshness whilst Sage Oil is known for its anti-microbial, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, making this deodorant a perfect post-shaving treat. Lightly fragranced with a 100% natural and hypoallergenic fragrance. Aluminium free.’

Whilst I do think this is a cool product, it isn’t one that I can see myself using. I’ve never used any cream deodorant products, and don’t see myself starting now. However, my mum has quite a few allergies so I’ve given this to her to try. I’ll update this if she uses it to give her thoughts on the product.

If you’d like to purchase this product then you can do so through The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website for £10 here.

OKKO Skincare ‘Face Balm with Organic Clary Sage & Rose Geranium’ – £4.00

OKKO Skincare 'Face Balm with Organic Clary Sage & Rose Geranium'

When I first saw this, it did take me a little while to try to work out what it is, however the brand messaged me on Instagram to clarify which I appreciate!

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website uses the following description for the product:

‘A luxurious, light and gentle Face Balm stick scented with a beautiful combination of soft velvety and slightly herby Clary Sage and an added feminine note of Rose Geranium.

Suitable for most skin types.

Glide over cleansed cheeks, chin, forehead and neck once and massage in as desired. Can be used as intensive overnight treatment or as daily moisturiser. Only very little amount required.’

The product is a moisturiser to be used daily, I think the fact that it’s in a balm stick form is what threw me off about it. I haven’t actually tried this on my face just because I find a lot of stuff breaks me out and I’m unsure where I would add it into my current skincare routine. I did try a bit on the back of my hand and a little did go a long way but I found it a bit greasy, which is also why I haven’t used it on my face yet. However, when the brand messaged me they said if it feels greasy then it means you need to use less of the product. Based on how little I used on my hand, I think that this product would last ages so it’s great value for money!

Whilst this may not be a product for me, if it is for you then you can get this small stick to try out for £4.00 here, or you can purchase a large version for £18.00.

Evolve Organic Beauty ‘Nourishing Hair Elixir’ – £16.00

This was probably the product that I was most excited for when I opened the box. I love hair elixirs and use them frequently on the mid to ends of my hair. Again I really like the packaging, and I like that all Evolve Organic Beauty packaging is like this. It makes it easy to tell which products are from them.

The description for this product from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website, is as follows:

‘This weightless hair serum has been formulated with a 100% natural replacement to silicon leaving hair incredibly soft, light and moisturised. Moroccan Organic Argan oil, mixed with Organic Baobab oil and Tahitian Monoi is a winning formula for controlling frizz and taming fly-away hair. Rich in anti-oxidants, it protects hair from environmental damages and helps regain lost moisture.’

I’ve only used this a couple of times, because I kept forgetting to put it with the rest of my nighttime beauty products. However, it makes my hair look and feel super soft and it smells incredible! You only need a few drops so I’d imagine that the bottle would last ages and I think the price is great for what you get.

If you’d like to try out this product then you can purchase a 10ml bottle for £6, or this 30ml bottle for £16 on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website here.

Friendly Soap ‘Detox Bar’ – £2.95 

Friendly Soap 'Detox Bar'

I was also quite excited for this product in the box. I’ve had a charcoal soap before and didn’t use it much however I did really like it so vow to use this one more. Plus there was a really amazing scent coming from the box and I worked out that it was this bar that was causing it.

The description for this product on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website is:

‘A soap made with toxin absorbing activated charcoal, and the zing of rosemary and lime essential oils. Which, after a long and stressful day, will restore balance to tired skin.

Activated charcoal is a wonder stuff that draws toxins out of your skin, while lime essential oil has an impressive array of properties, including being antiseptic, antiviral and antioxidant. Together with rosemary essential oil, to stimulate mental activity and lift your spirits, our detox soap will leave you with a spring in your step!

Each bar is handmade with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Activated Charcoal Powder, Rosemary and Lime essential oils, water. And nothing else.’

I’ve been using this product in the shower over my nose and chin, where I have the most blackheads and I can already see a big difference in my skin. Unfortunately, I do find that the lovely smell only lasts for a while, and when you’re working it into your skin it just smells like regular soap. However, this isn’t a big deal to me since the product does work really well. One important thing to note is that because it has charcoal in it, it does dry out the skin. I have dry skin so this may be why I notice the drying properties, but a little bit of moisturising afterwards is all it takes to make it better. I can’t quite believe that this soap is cruelty free, hand made, and free of SLS, parabens, palm oil, and plastic, yet is so affordable!

If you’d like to grab yourself this bar then you can do so on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website here. Alternatively, you can check out the other types of soap bars that Friendly Soap do on their website here.

Overall, I really liked this month of The Cruelty Free Beauty Box and I definitely will remain subscribed, I’m already looking forward to March’s box. I think the value for money is fantastic and I love trying out new products so this box gives me that opportunity whilst still being affordable – and cruelty free! If you’d like to subscribe to this box then you can check out The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website here, for their different plans.

Okay so this brings us to the end of this post, I really hope that you enjoyed reading it! If you did, then please give this review a quick like. Additionally, be sure to follow my blog if you think that it’s something that you’d like to read in the future – I post twice a week and everything I use is cruelty free.


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  1. Wooow I will definitely subscribe this! I was looking for a Cruelty-Free makeup/beauty box! Thanks a lot, girl! I only use CF as well, if you fancy having a look at my blog:

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      It’s so good, I can’t wait for next month’s box! I’ll check your blog out xx


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  6. These look like some awesome products!
    Going cruelty-free is a great step, and thankfully easier now than ever! The next step is to watch out for nasty toxic ingredients–it’s easier than you may think!
    Please check out my non-toxic beauty blog for healthy, toxin-free living:


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