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Over 6 months ago now, I received a travel sized Optiat ‘Feel Good Coffee Scrub’ in a subscription box called Hashtag Girl Crush. I actually only received subscriptions from that subscription box for two months before they seemingly stopped existing as a company. Either way, for those two months I got to experience some brands and products that I’d never heard of before, Optiat being one of these. In the July Hashtag Girl Crush box I received a travel sized ‘vanilla velvet’ scrub. You can read the review of that subscription box, including a very short review of that scrub, here.

The product that I’ll be reviewing in today’s post however, is the Optiat ‘Mouthwatering Mandarin’ coffee scrub. I chose to purchase the large (220g) bottle which retailed for £9.99 (this price has now changed), and used a Boxing Day code that they had at the time (shows you how long ago I purchased this product).

About Optiat

Optiat was founded by brother and sister duo William and Anna Brightman. Whilst throwing away used coffee grounds in their home, they pondered how much coffee was being sent to landfill. After discovering the magnitude of the issue, they created a product to reuse these coffee grounds and make wonderful skincare. By teaming up with local cofee shops, they source their used coffee grounds that make up their products.

The brand name Optiat (pronounced ‘op-tee-at’) stands for ‘One person’s trash is another’s treasure’.

The brand focuses on a circular economy and, of course, sustainability is a large part of their business. They hope that by creating their brand, they’re demonstrating how everyone can be more sustainable and inspire the beauty industry to be less wasteful.

Their coffee scrub line (as of 05/02/2017) contains: ‘Lemongrass Lifter’, ‘Mouthwatering Mandarin’, ‘Potent Peppermint’, and ‘Vanilla Velvet’, as well as a line of powdered hemp face masks that need to be mixed with water to create a paste. They also sell reusable coffee cups and tote bags. It’s likely that their product line will continue to grow – they’ve already said that they’re working on creating some soaps made from pre-brewed chai spices.

You can read more about their background here.

UPDATE: Optiat have now rebranded to Upcircle. All links in this post will be to their new website/brand pages, and I will link to the closest products they stock.


Firstly can we talk about how unbelievably quickly this arrived! I placed my order on 26th December, it was shipped the next day and arrived the day after that on the 28th December! I don’t think I’ve ever received an order that quick in my life (unless it’s through Amazon Prime).

The box it came in was pretty plain but it was packaged really nicely inside. The box was lined with white tissue paper with the products inside. On top was three cards, one with information about the coffee scrub, one with details about the other product I purchased (review coming soon), and the card you can see above which was the nicest touch. The personalised, handwritten, card made the order just that extra bit lovely. Once again, this is something that I’ve never experienced when ordering a product.

The coffee scrub itself comes in a white, squeezy, bottle with the brand and product name on it. The fact that this comes in a squeezy bottle is such a blessing! As I said in my short Hashtag Girl Crush review, I’ve had coffee scrubs before that come in pouches that you need to open and remove the product from, when you’re in the shower. Unfortunately, those pouches and I do not get on very well. I always end up dropping them, or getting water inside the packaging which causes the product to bunch up. Therefore, this Optiat coffee scrub coming in this type of packaging makes my life so much easier. All you need to do is shake it up before you use it, and squeeze it out like you would any other similar shower product.


The description for this product on the Optiat website is as follows:

‘Scrub up deliciously for date night. A blend of used Arabica coffee grounds and mandarin essential oils, Mouthwatering Mandarin keeps you feeling fruity all night long. The coffee grounds act as a natural exfoliator, whilst the caffeine stimulates blood flow, effective against cellulite and stretch marks.’


As you may know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, citrus scents in products are my absolute favourite. Give me a mask, a shower gel, a bath product, or even a coffee scrub, that smells like citrus and I’ll be happy. The citrus scent of this is quite subtle (after all, it is literally made of coffee) but nevertheless it’s still lovely.

The packaging for this product makes it extremely easy to use, and relatively mess-free. When I say relatively, this is because it is just inherently a messy product. However, I do think this packaging design minimises the mess as much as possible.

Whilst I do love coffee scrubs, this particular one has two main appeals for me. Firstly, the price. £9.99 for 220g is the lowest price I’ve seen a coffee scrub at, and I’ve never seen a coffee scrub packaged like this one. Secondly, and most importantly for me, their emphasis on sustainability, and the fact that all of their products are saving perfectly good items from landfills, is the main selling point for me. I absolutely love what the brand stands for, and I admire the work that they’re doing to limit the waste in the beauty industry. I have no doubts that Optiat will continue to grow, and I very much look forward to trying out the new products that they create.

Overall, I love the brand, I love their products, and I cannot recommend them enough!

If you would like to try out their new ‘tangerine’ scrub (which is the new equivalent to ‘Mouthwatering Madnarin’) then you can pick it up for £14.99 on their website here.

This brings us to the end of this review on the ‘Mouthwatering Mandarin’ Optiat Coffee Scrub, I really hope that you enjoyed it. If you did then be sure to give this post a quick like! Also drop a comment down below with your thoughts about this scrub – are you going to give it a try? Before you leave, if you think my blog is something that you’d enjoy reading then please give me a follow – I post twice a week!


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  1. Rachel Said says:

    Fab review . I too got the hastag girlcrush box and was bemused and disappointed by their sudden disappearance.

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  2. multibendybeauty says:

    I LOVED Hashtag Girl Crush. For a few months after I was hoping they would come back but then when it said their website couldn’t be found I knew they were gone forever ??

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    1. Madame Said says:

      Ditto x

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