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As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, I received my second ever Influenster VoxBox this week. I posted a selfie earlier this week where I tried out the Marc Jacobs ‘Highliner’ Gel Eye Crayons that I’d received from Influenster, so now is the time to review!

My previous VoxBox was also from Marc Jacobs (it was the ‘Velvet Noir’ mascara) and I’ve used it every day since receiving it, so I was very excited to try out more items from Marc Jacobs. You can check out that review here.

What is Influenster?

As I did in my last VoxBox review, I’ll give you a quick rundown of what Influenster is and how it works just in case you haven’t heard of them before!

Influenster is a platform used for reviewing products, asking questions to the community, creating lists, posting product photos, reading blog posts, and interacting with others. When you sign up you create a profile where you need to upload a profile photo and connect your social media accounts. After your accounts are connected, Influenster will total up your followers across all platforms which gives you your ‘Impact Score’. Once you’ve completed your profile you’ll receive ‘snaps’ which are like mini questionnaires that both ask you questions and ask you to review products. If you complete a fair few snaps in the same area (e.g. beauty) then you’ll start collecting badges (e.g. ‘Beauty Junkie’ or ‘Reviewer’). Having a complete profile, connecting your social medias, and completing your snaps are what makes you more likely to be considered for a VoxBox.

A VoxBox contains free items that you’re expected to review. The boxes can contain a single product, multiple products, be themed based on brand (e.g. Marc Jacobs) or be themed via general idea (e.g. lifestyle boxes containing multiple products from different brand which all fall into a lifestyle category). If your profile is considered for a VoxBox then you’ll be emailed a pre-survey which will ask you questions related to the box to work out whether you’d be a good fit (the survey won’t give away what the box contains). If you’re considered to be a good fit then you’ll get an email telling you that ‘you’re in’ and telling you the name of the campaign. If you aren’t deemed to be a good fit for the campaign then you won’t receive any email at all. If you’re brought onto the campaign then the box will be shipped to you and a campaign section will be created on Influenster. On Influenster you need to register that you’ve received your box before completing a number of tasks shown in the campaign section (e.g. reviewing, or posting on social media about items). Once completed, you’ll then get a badge for that campaign. You need to complete this section in order to be considered for a box in the future.

So that’s the explanation out of the way! I’m relatively new to Influenster, this is only my second VoxBox. However, if you have any questions then I’m more than happy to answer them the best I can, and share my experience! If you do want to contact me then feel free to drop a comment on this post, email me at, or DM me on Instagram.

Here are the items I received in this VoxBox:

  • Marc Jacobs ‘Highliner’ Gel Eye Crayon in ‘(Pop)ular’ – £20.00
  • Marc Jacobs ‘Highliner’ Gel Eye Crayon in ‘Pink of me’ – £20.00

Although I’ve put the prices, it’s important to note that I received these products complimentary from Influenster to test. Therefore, I did not purchase these.


The Highliners come in a very similar box as the Marc Jacobs ‘Velvet Noir’ mascara. They both come in sleek black boxes with white lettering. The packaging of the actual eyeliners is silver with ‘Marc Jacobs’ printed on the tube in black. They also have a section where you can see the colour of the liner near the top.

I loved the packaging for the Marc Jacobs mascara, so I also love this packaging. Just with the mascara, the cardboard is very thick and glossy. The eyeliners are quite light but you wouldn’t want them to be too heavy as it would make it difficult to use.


On the John Lewis website, the claims for this product are:

‘Colour life with all the crayons in the box.

Inspired by Marc’s boldly bright resort 2017 collection, embracing the freewheeling ’80s and MTV kids, this new expression of Highliner delivers high-impact colour for exuberant new eye looks.

Now the intense pigment payoff and amazing glide of original bestselling Highliner comes in a new matte finish. The formula’s pure hues are glitter-free, intensified by super-rich pigment. The malleable formula glides on smoothly for precise application, then sets in place for all-day wear.’

Application and Final Look

‘Pink of me’ is a pink-toned white shade which I’ve used in the waterline a couple of times, and ‘(Pop)ular’ is a more vibrant pink shade.

These apply really smoothly and are extremely pigmented, you don’t need to go over the same spot at all and you hardly have to press on the skin to apply colour. I understand why it’s considered a ‘gel crayon’ as it does apply like a gel. However, once the colour is on and dry, it absolutely does not budge.

I definitely think that it lives up to the claims on the John Lewis website, they do glide on and deliver high-impact colour. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and create a more editorial eyeliner look using ‘(Pop)ular’. This is not a look that I’ve ever tried to do before and I honestly think that doing it with a Marc Jacobs ‘Highliner’ was a fantastic choice. Despite the liner being near to my crease, it didn’t smudge at all and it stayed all day. Plus the colour was easy to glide on and get in the right place. I do, however, wish that it was slightly more pointed. The end of the liner is quite dull, and because it’s a twist up (which, don’t get me wrong, I do like as it means I don’t have to sharpen it), the end is quite rounded and blunt.

Overall, despite these having a high price point, if you’re in the market for an eyeliner and are happy to pay the price then these are definitely worth it. The colour that they deliver is impressive, I’ve never had a pencil that glides on this easily. The fact that they don’t move, or fade, throughout the day makes them really worth the price and I’m definitely going to continue using these. If I had purchased them myself then I perhaps would have picked different colours, as the pinkish tone in ‘Pink of me’, I find, makes it difficult to know what to do with. Although I used it in my waterline, I found it looked a bit odd as it wasn’t white, but also wasn’t a beige nude. However, this could just be because of my skin tone as the shade is going to look different depending on your skin tone, under tones, eye colour, etc. The colour is really the only issue that I had with these pencils, everything else was 10/10. Of course, if you were to buy these yourself then you aren’t going to have an issue with the colour as you’d pick the one that you like. Additionally, if you’re unsure of how the colour will look, don’t hesitate to pop into your local John Lewis as they should have a display for these Highliners where you’ll be able to swatch the colours.

If you would like to purchase any of the Marc Jacobs ‘Highliner’ Gel Eye Crayons or find out more then you can do so on the Harvey Nichols website here.

Also if you would like to join Influenster then you can do that here.

So this brings us to the end of this review, I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Marc Jacobs ‘Highliners’! If you did enjoy then please give this post a quick like! Additionally, if you think that my blog might be something that you would like reading in the future, then please follow me to stay up to date!


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