Korean Beauty Review – PACKage Sheet Masks

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Today I’m going to be continuing on my Korean Beauty reviewing series with sheet masks from a brand that I’d never come across before – PACKage.

As a quick disclaimer before I get into this review – I bought, used, and reviewed, these masks before I went cruelty free! I was debating not posting this review but it seems like a waste when I’d already written the post. I’m not 100% sure if PACKage are cruelty free or not, but honestly I would assume that they aren’t based on my experience researching other Korean brands that I had.

I bought these masks from online retailer Boohoo a while ago because I was so interested by their names, how the packaging looked, and the fact that there was zero description on the website about the masks at all.


From my Boohoo order, I got the following:

  • PACKage ‘I Love Myself’ mask – £2.00
  • PACKage ‘Sweet Dream’ mask – £2.00

Although both of these are now sold out on the Boohoo website, and I can’t find them through the search function, I can still click through from my order confirmation email to the product pages.

The description for both masks is the generic ‘stylist notes’ used by Boohoo for all items that fall under the ‘accessories’ bracket. It reads:

Add attitude with accessories for those fashion-forward finishing touches.

It’s all about accessories for injecting individuality into your look. Find your festival favourites from fedora hats and floral crowns to bumbags and body glitter, play up your partywear with a pop of pastel nail polish and make a statement in oversized sunglasses. Forget less is more, this season we’re all for out-there hair, beauty and jewellery.’

This description tells you absolutely nothing about the mask, it doesn’t say what the mask claims to do, the key ingredients, nor does it provide the full ingredients list. Strangely, this lack of information was what formed part of my decision to purchase these masks. I thought they would be interesting to try out, considering the listing on the Boohoo website gave nothing away.

PACKage ‘I Love Myself’ mask

When I bought this I honestly had no clue what it was going to be. It turns out that the mask contains hyaluronic acid, and AHA complex, which is good considering I have dry skin.

I’ve never used anything with AHA complex in it but I’ve seen people use The Ordinary’s one and it go wrong, so honestly I was a little scared. The mask didn’t state the strength of the AHA complex as a percentage so I didn’t really know what I was putting onto my face. The mask said to wait 15-20 minutes.

As a warning, be sure to use suncream after you use any products with AHA complex in them as it makes your skin sensitive to sun damage. Additionally, there is lemon in the ingredients for the mask, which is another item which increased sun sensitivity.

The mask itself was so thin that it kept folding over on itself and sticking together which made it difficult to apply – I also managed to rip it. The only way that I can describe the scent of it, is that it reminded me of being in a paddling pool when I was a kid. So, in short, it smelt like plastic.

After 10 minutes, it started getting itchy, so I removed it. I found that it took a long time to absorb into the skin after the mask was removed and left my skin sticky. Additionally, my skin was still dry in places. It did make my face look slightly more luminous, but honestly nothing special. There was a small amount of difference in the hyperpigmentation on my cheek.

PACKage ‘Sweet Dream’ mask

This was the first mask that I tried out of the two and honestly it did not give me the best impression and made me dread trying out the ‘I Love Myself’ one.

The product inside the packet was chunky and balled up, and honestly looked horrible. It is moments like these where I question my life choices. Nevertheless, I carried on like the trooper I am, and put the mask on my face. Due to the product balling up, it meant that the mask wasn’t saturated properly and some parts of the mask were very dry. I did try to fix this by spreading some of the product out on the mask but it didn’t help very much.

On the back of the packet, it said ‘no fragrance’ in multiple places (it even said #nofragrance in some places). Yet the mask contained, and quite obviously smelt like, lavender. Personally, I don’t like the smell of lavender. I can tolerate the scent of the Lush ‘Sleepy’ cream because it’s not too strong (review for that here), but I really didn’t like the smell of this mask.

Honestly, I didn’t really see a difference in my skin when I took this off. However, in the morning my face did feel a lot less dry than usual so I do think that it helped my skin. Based on the mask being strongly lavender based, and the name of it being ‘Sweet Dream’, I assume that it supposed to be relaxing and help you sleep. Personally, it didn’t do anything for me sleep-wise.

Overall, I don’t think that these masks were particularly good. Personally I’m still not 100% sure what each mask is supposed to do. Whilst the ‘I Love Myself’ mask is for hydration, I don’t have any idea what the skin benefits of the ‘Sweet Dream’ one are. I do wish that Boohoo would have included what the benefits of each mask were. Additionally, the masks have inspirational quotes on the cheek of the mask which I’m not the biggest fan of. The ‘I Love Myself’ one says ‘I love myself, I am more than beautiful’, and the ‘Sweet Dream’ one says ‘You did well today, sweet dreams’. Whilst the concept of these is lovely, the actual printing of these quotes had slightly bled out on both masks. Also, you can’t read the quote whilst it’s on your face. I personally would rather use some other masks; masks where I’m aware of exactly what the skin benefits are.

So this brings us to the end of this review. I really hope that you enjoyed it! If you did then please give it a like. Be sure to drop a comment below about your experience with these masks – if you’ve tried them then please let me know, also if you know what the skin benefits of the ‘Sweet Dream’ mask are then please comment that below. Additionally, if you think that my blog contains content that you’re interested in then please subscribe!

You can read my other Korean Sheet Mask reviews here.


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  1. Britney says:

    I love sheet masks, so I’m always looking for new ones to try. That’s a bummer that these didn’t live up to your expectations though. I also want to know what the mask is supposed to do before I use it too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I love sheet masks too! Yeah I wish they gave some kind of indication about what the benefits of the mask ingredients were! X


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