Juvia’s Place ‘Mini Masquerade’ Palette Review

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Today I will be talking about another beauty item that I received for Christmas – the Juvia’s Place ‘Mini Masquerade’ palette.

I’ve had my eye on Juvia’s Place for a while, and have heard some amazing things about the quality of the eyeshadows from this brand. So I asked for one of the palettes for Christmas, from my mum, to try. For anyone who doesn’t know Juvia’s Place, they’re an affordable, indie, brand owned by Chichi Eburu. Their palettes feature images of Queen Nefertiti and each palette contains highly pigmented shades designed for women of colour specifically. You can read an interview with Chichi here. I love what the brand stands for, I love the visual art with Queen Nefertiti, the colour selection in the palettes is very different to what I would usually go for, and I was so excited to finally get my hands on a palette from this brand!

The Palette

The palette costs £30.00 from Beauty Bay and contains 16 eyeshadows:

  • Chi – Deep blue (shimmer).
  • Mali – Green (shimmer).
  • Dalia – Royal blue (shimmer).
  • Zola – Light blue (shimmer).
  • Maked – Purple (shimmer).
  • Zobo – Burgundy (matte).
  • Calabar – Burgundy (matte).
  • Bori – Bright pink (matte).
  • Giza – Light pink (shimmer).
  • Burkina – Mid-toned brown (matte).
  • Cairo – Orange-toned brown (shimmer).
  • Ada – Red-toned deep brown (matte).
  • Dahia – Gold-toned bronze (shimmer).
  • Zulu – Red-toned brown (matte).
  • Casablanca – Yellow gold (shimmer).
  • Fulani – Brown (matte).

I really love all of the colours in this palette, they swatch incredibly and I love that there’s a range of both bright colours, and deeper browns. The palette is really versatile because of this, and it’s possible to do both more natural brown/orange toned eyes, as well as vibrant eye looks. Furthermore, despite this palette being a ‘mini’, the pans are still large – they’re bigger than the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ pans.

There are only two minor issues that I have with the colour selection in the palette. Firstly, I do tend to use a matte pale shade all of my lid to create a base before adding eyeshadow, which this palette doesn’t have. However, this palette isn’t designed for my skin tone, and I own a bunch of other palettes with the pale matte shade that I need, so this honestly isn’t a big deal to me. The bigger issue is that I wish there was a deeper matte shade, such as a deep brown or a matte black. The mattes are really pigmented and fantastic, so it would be good to have a deeper shade to add to the outer corner of the eye.


Juvia's Place swatches

As you can see, these shadows are extremely pigmented. They are very soft to the touch, especially the shimmer shades. I did find that the mattes took a couple of layers but they still swatches well. In the photo, you can sort of tell that the mattes are less opaque than the shimmers. For example, ‘Zulu’ and ‘Fulani’ are both mattes are are less opaque than some of the shimmer shades like ‘Casablanca’ or ‘Chi’.

I really do think that these shadows swatched better than any other eyeshadows I’ve ever swatched. Although some of the mattes took a little bit of layering, every shadow impressed me in the swatches. I think I was most impressed with the brighter shades, such as the blues, pinks, and purples.

Eye looks

I really wanted to try this palette out properly so have been using it for the last few days. Each of these eye looks was created on a different day and were worn all day to test out how the shadows wear. You may wish to click on the photos to enlarge them in order to see the looks better.

For the first eye look, I used ‘Burkina’ as a transition shade along with ‘Dalia’. I then added ‘Chi’ to the inner and outer corners and ‘Giza’ to the centre of the eye. I did find that the colours come out less intense on the eye than they look in the pan and both ‘Burkina’ and ‘Dalia’ were more orange toned, than brown. Although this is the first time that I’ve done a bright eye look, I really like the way that it turned out and I’m excited to create more blue looks.

In the second eye look I decided to lean more towards the pinks in the palette. Once again I used ‘Burkina’ as a transition shade. I also added ‘Zulu’ and ‘Ada’ to my crease to darken it, although I focused these shades more on the outer corner. I then used ‘Zobo’ on the middle and outer part of my eye to create the pink tone, and added ‘Giza’ to the inner corner, and portion of my eye to make a slight ombre.

For the final look, I wanted to use more of the bronze tones and oranges. Again I used ‘Burkina’ as a transition shade. I added ‘Fulani’ to the outer and inner portion of my eye, and through the crease to deepen it, leaving the centre of my eye blank. I then added ‘Cairo’ all over my lid, blending it into the matte shades on the outer and inner parts of my eye. Finally I put some of ‘Casablanca’ right in the centre of the lid to lighten it and add more glitter.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, there are only a few minor issues that I have with this palette. These are the issues that I have already mentioned about the lack of a deeper shade. My biggest issue with the palette is the lack of mirror. Whilst I initially thought that this wasn’t a problem as I could just use a different palette’s mirror, it is slightly annoying and impractical to have to keep going backwards and forwards between palettes and would make travelling difficult.

Now that the negatives are out of the way, let’s get onto the positives because I honestly love this palette. I think that what the brand stands for is fantastic; I’m much more likely to appreciate a product if the brand has good ethics. The actual quality of the eyeshadows is amazing, they’re unbelievably pigmented and I can’t believe how affordable the palette is. This specific palette allows you to make so many different eye looks, which I love. Personally I find it very easy to find a palette that contains a lot of browns and reds (I already own many palettes that have these colours), but finding one with high quality bright colours is more challenging. Whilst currently 2018 for me has been full of bright colours, this is new to me, so I like that the palette still contains more traditional brown shades that I’m confident with.

Overall, I would highly recommend this palette. I really think that it is for everyone. Even if you only ever use brown shades, this palette has those as well as more adventurous colours – you never know, it might make you try eye looks outside of your comfort zone, like it did with me! I will definitely be buying more palettes from Juvia’s Place.

If you’d like to get this palette then you can purchase it from the Juvia’s Place website here, or the Beauty Bay website here.

This brings us to the end of this review on the Juvia’s Place ‘Mini Masquerade’ palette! I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I’m enjoying these shadows. If you did then please give it a like, I’d appreciate it. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave a comment below. Additionally, if you think that my blog contains content that you’re interested in then please subscribe!


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  1. Love this palette! One of the most pigmented I own but I do struggle deciding on looks with it a little

    Liked by 1 person

    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I know the feeling, there’s a lot of choice! I definitely think it’s going to be trial and error for me to decide looks that I like x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca Allatt says:

    Such a gorgeous and versatile palette and I love the looks you created with it! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I love it so much and thank you so much babe! ? X

      Liked by 1 person

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