Soph x Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Before I get into this post I’d like to take a moment to say thank you so much to everyone who reads my blog. My previous post, about Boohoo’s new cosmetics range featured in both the Metro newspaper, and the Sun newspaper yesterday and I’m still shocked about it! If no one read my blog, then my review wouldn’t have been picked up by those newspapers, and I am so grateful for every single view, and like, that I get! I cannot believe that newspapers have used my reviews, and I would have never in a million years imagined that this would happen when I first started this blog, so thank you!

Today my Soph x Makeup Revolution palettes arrived (after I missed the delivery and had to get them redelivered), and I’m super excited to share my thoughts with you!

For anyone who doesn’t know who Soph is, she is a YouTuber whose channel (and social media) is called ‘Sophdoesnails’. Soph is really funny and just generally amazing, and I highly recommend you go and check her channel out, don’t be fooled by the name – her channel is mostly makeup.

When I found out that she was coming out with palettes, I was so excited (you can view her announcement video here – she explains her reasoning behind the shades and shade names). Typically when Youtubers come out with products, they’re on the more expensive side, but Soph typically uses drugstore products, so her palette is super affordable at £10 (and has an incredible selection of colours – but we’ll get onto that later).

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The palette comes in a really beautiful watercolour box (the watercolour was actually painted by Soph). I absolutely love the colour of this box, the pastel pinks and oranges mixed with the rose gold text and camo print is amazing and I think this box will join my collection of boxes I don’t throw away!

The box itself came wrapped in plastic, whilst I’ve never experienced that with a palette before, I think it’s a good idea as it keeps the outside of the box protected, and you know that no one has tampered with the palette.

Upon opening the outside box, the palette itself was also wrapped (I’ve never had a palette so securely packaged before). The outer colour of the palette is a nude light pink colour, which I also love. One thing I will say as a downside of the colour of the palette is that it gets dirty really easily – mine is already dirty. I don’t really mind this, as it’s quite easy to clean, but it may bug some people. I do wish the palette colour was slightly closer to the shade of the outside box (because I love the colour of the box so much), but that’s just my personal preference; the shade of the palette is still beautiful.

Inside the palette is a very large mirror. A pet hate of mine is palettes having no mirror (or tiny mirrors), so this one having a huge one is a bonus. It also comes with a protective sheet which has the shade names printed on. I’m not hugely overjoyed about this, as I tend to lose these protective plastic sheets (and if I lose it, then I lose the shade names). I personally would have preferred for the shade names to be printed on the back, but as the palette is only £10, I understand why that may not have been done. I still appreciate it, I’m just worried that I’ll lose it.


The above slideshow demonstrates finger swatches from the palette. As you can see, pretty much all of these are super pigmented. These swatches were created using by sliding my finger backwards and forwards over my arm once, I applied hardly any pressure, and did not go back into the palette.

I am so impressed with the colour payoff here! In Soph’s video she was saying that, as it is a drugstore palette, some of the colours may need building, and they may take extra time to blend. To be honest, I don’t think that at all. All of these colours for me were really pigmented in one swipe. As I was going through the palette, I was getting more and more shocked at the colour payoff! I honestly was not expecting them to be this pigmented, especially as I own high-end palettes that aren’t as easy to swatch, or have as much colour payoff, as this palette.

However, between the mattes, and the shimmers, there is a noticeable difference in the feel and texture of the shades. Whilst the mattes are very soft to the touch, I did find the shimmers to be slightly more grainy feeling, especially the ‘Pine Tree’ shade (the green shimmer). One exception to this however, is ‘Petrol’, which felt just as soft and creamy as the mattes. When swatching, some of the shimmer shades were a little bit chunky, but not a terrible amount, and I found that they weren’t chunky when used on the eyes.

Eye Look

You may want to click on these images to enlarge them if you can’t see the look properly (also please ignore my rubbish eyebrows)!

Now I just want to say that I’m really not the best at eyeshadow. I really only began using it properly recently and I’m unsure about colour combinations – plus I always find that I go to do eyeliner and mess it up then ruin the eyeshadow and have to start again.

When I do create eyeshadow looks, I always reach for my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette, and create either an orange or pink look (usually pink). Before I created this look with the Soph x Makeup Revolution palette, I had created a pink eyeshadow look with it, but wiped it off, and told myself to branch out. With how many interesting and unusual shades there are in this palette, I really wanted to try to create something different, something that I wouldn’t usually do, and something that I couldn’t create with any other palette I own. The green ‘Pine Tree’ shade, and the blue/brown ‘Petrol’ shade were calling out to me, so I gave them a go.

Using the Urban Decay ‘Original’ Eyeshadow Primer Potion as a base, I started by using ‘Pancakes’ all over my eye. I then took a small amount of ‘Rosewood’ and placed it on the outer corner of my eye and through my crease. Using my finger I placed ‘Pine Tree’ on my eyelid, starting in the inner corner, going to about halfway across my lid. Then with a different finger I picked up ‘Petrol’ and placed that on the rest of my lid, starting in the outer corner. With a fluffy brush I added ‘Nightmare’ to the outer corner, and about halfway through my crease, ensuring that it blended into ‘Petrol’. I then kept adding ‘Pine Tree’, and ‘Petrol’ until I was happy with how they were looking, and how they were blending together (I did add more shadow with an eyeshadow brush dampened with setting spray). In my inner corner I added some of ‘Sparks Fly’ and ‘Fairy Lights’, transitioning ‘Pine Tree’ into ‘Sparks Fly’, then into ‘Fairy Lights’. On the lower lash line, I ran ‘Danger’ close to my water line first, before adding ‘Festive Flame’ on top (because somehow I still can’t escape pink in my eye look). I then lined my eyes with the NYX ‘Epic Ink’ liner, and added mascara using a combination of the Benefit ‘Roller Lash’ mascara and the YSL ‘Babydoll’ mascara.

Despite being super different to what I usually go for, I actually love how this turned out! The photos don’t pick it up very well, but the green is much brighter in real life. Whilst this was just me playing around and seeing what I could create, I think it’s a really interesting eye look, and I’m definitely feeling it for the autumn/winter. I love how this palette has so many different options, you can create so many different looks with this palette and I think the colours have been really well thought through!

Overall, I actually think this is my favourite palette (I maybe even love it more than the ‘Modern Renaissance’). I think factoring in the price, the range of shades, the amount of eye looks that can be created, how pigmented the eyeshadows are, and how well they blend, this palette is incredible. Whether you know who Soph is or not, I would highly recommend this palette if you think you’d use the shades. I personally believe the palette is so versatile and could be used all year round (the lighter shades, and pinks would be perfect for spring/summer). I’ve been looking to go out of my comfort zone for a while now and I’m so glad that this palette gives me the opportunity to do that, whilst also containing colours that I’m more comfortable with. I still cannot get over the fact that it is only £10, I think it’s worth so much more than that!

If you think that this palette is one for you then you can get it on the Revolution Beauty website here, or from Superdrug here.

This brings us to the end of this review, I really hope that you enjoyed reading! Have you tried the Soph x Makeup Revolution palette? I also bought the Soph x Makeup Revolution 8 shade highlighter palette, and will be reviewing that later this week, or early next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that! If you did enjoy reading this post, then please give this review a ‘like’ and if you think my content is something you might like to read then be sure to subscribe – I post at least twice a week!


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  1. What a pretty palette! xx, Britta & Carli from

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      It’s beautiful isn’t it! Xx


  2. Rebecca Allatt says:

    Great review! I can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow! x

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I think it’s so worth it! X

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