Boohoo Makeup Review – Is it Worth it?

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Just when I thought that I had bought enough products to review for a while, I found out that Boohoo had dropped their own beauty line.

The line contains a huge range of products including liquid lipstick sets, lip kits, lip glosses, a highlighter palette, a contour palette, eye shadow palettes, regular lipsticks, primers, sponges, brushes, blusher palettes, a bronzer palette, eyeliners, a mascara, and a setting spray.

Naturally, I had to try some of the products out so I bought the following:

  • Boohoo ‘3 Shade Highlighter Palette’ – £6.00
  • Boohoo ‘Black Volumising Mascara’ – £5.00
  • Boohoo ‘Matte Lipstick’ in the shade ‘Red’ – £4.00

When I bought these a few days ago there was a deal for buy 3 beauty products and get 20% off. For some reason my order receipt doesn’t show this discount (but I definitely got it) so, working it out myself, the highlighter was £4.80, the mascara was £4.00, and the lipstick was £3.20. I’m not sure how long this deal will be on for.

So I’m going to jump straight in without further ado and give you my thoughts about the packaging, each product individually, and my overall opinion on the products.

Packaging and Swatches

I think the packaging is pretty cute, I like the rose gold writing. It’s not the most exciting packaging I’ve ever seen, and I’m not hugely excited by matte black packaging as I find that a lot of companies have this (MAC for one). Additionally, I’ve found that the black packaging picks up finger prints, dust, and grease, really easily and ends up not looking too fab. I much prefer the highlighter’s packaging, I think the pink toned box is really pretty, but again I find it to be a bit plain and basic. Personally I like as bit more excitement in my packaging (but that’s just a preference of mine). This packaging, however, will not be making it into my hoard of boxes that I’ve kept from beautiful packaging.

The picture above shows swatches of the lipstick, and the shades in the highlighter palette. As it says in the title of the product, the highlighter palette comes with three shades; these shades are pink, white, and gold (which you will see in a minute). I found that everything swatched well, including the lipstick, and all of the highlighters were very creamy to the touch. The white highlighter wasn’t pigmented as the other shades when finger swatched and I found that, although it looks white in the pan, it had almost a purple/pink duo chrome to it.

I have included a picture of me wearing all of the products, I will be speaking about my thoughts on how they look and perform later in the post.

Boohoo ‘3 Shade Highlighter Palette’ – £6.00

Obviously, me being me, this was the product that I was most excited for and the product that I put in my basket first.

I really love pink highlighters and always lean towards them, whereas I typically avoid gold highlighters as I think I’m too pale to carry them well. I was excited about this palette as it meant that I had a pink highlighter that I could definitely use, but also I would get to try a gold highlighter which I may not typically reach for.

In terms of swatches, these perform a lot better than I first anticipated. Whilst I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about the palette, I tend to go into testing products with the idea that they might be bad, that way I’m not disappointed (I know that sounds super pessimistic). So I was pleasantly surprised by how soft these were to the touch and how well the pigment came off in the swatches.

I don’t think that I’d say these are the most blinding highlights but I do think they’re super pretty. In the photo above I’m wearing the pink highlighter topped with the gold one, and I think it looks beautiful. As it isn’t blinding, I didn’t find that it showed up a huge amount on camera, but in person it is nice and gives an almost wet look/glow. Whilst these aren’t blinding I also wouldn’t say that it’s a natural highlight, I think that it’s somewhere in between.

If this product sounds like something that you may like then you can purchase it on the Boohoo website here.

Boohoo ‘Black Volumising Mascara’ – £5.00

Firstly, I want to address that this is the only mascara that Boohoo holds in the collection, but thankfully it would be the one that I would have gone for had they stocked other types. Anything that can make my lashes more volumised has a yes from me, so I was excited to try this mascara out. Currently I’m switching between a travel sized version of the Benefit ‘Roller Lash’ mascara, a full-sized Doucce ‘Punk Volumizer Mascara’ and the YSL ‘Babydoll’ mascara. One thing that all of these mascaras have in common is that they’re pretty darn expensive; the Benefit product is £20.50 for full-sized, the Doucce one is $24, and the YSL one is £25.50. So the prospect of getting a fab, volumising, mascara for £6.00 is a concept that I can get behind.

However, unfortunately I don’t think that this mascara is the affordable amazing mascara that I’ve been looking for. The brush itself is very large and, whilst it coats my lashes nicely, causes mascara to go all over my eyelid. I tried several different positions, and tried not using it as close to my lash line but it still left me with little black dots on my lid. Additionally, I really don’t think it did my lashes any favours. If you’ve seen any photos of me in other blog posts, my lashes are usually quite full, long, and volumised. I found that this just coated them and made them long, but there was no volume and they ended up looking really separated and thin. Personally, I don’t really like that look, especially if I’m only wearing mascara that day.

In terms of all mascaras that I’ve ever tried, I really don’t think this is the worst. I do think that it’s better than some higher end mascaras that I’ve used. However, I just don’t like what it does to my lashes and my personal preference is to have fuller looking lashes, so I don’t think that I’ll be reaching for this again.

If you would like to try this product yourself then you can find it on Boohoo here.

Boohoo ‘Matte Lipstick’ in the shade ‘Red’ – £4.00

As well as highlighter, I’m super into lipstick so I had to get myself one from the collection. I did find the colour selection to be quite limited and a little bit odd. Boohoo have released their own lip kits, and I was initially going to buy one, but I know that liquid lipsticks can sometimes be super drying so I went for the traditional bullet lipstick. As far as I can see on the Boohoo website currently (22/09/2017), there are only three shades of bullet lipstick: this red colour, a berry purple, and a super pale looking brown nude. The only colour I thought that I would wear out of the selection was the red shade, so I thought I’d grab that one (afterall, I thought, how can you go wrong with red).

I’m all for a red lip, and I absolutely love wearing them. However, I only own three red lipsticks, one from Ciaté London, one from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and one from Primark (which I reviewed in a previous post here), so I thought that whilst I was searching for some Boohoo products that I would pick up another red.

Out of all of the products I did think that this was the safest one, and most probably the one that would work for me. However, I was wrong. For some reason there’s just something that I don’t like about this shade. I think that the formula is good, it glides on well and it pigmented in one swipe, but I just do not like the colour. I feel like there’s something that is just off about it, it’s a really strange tone of red and I just don’t think it suits me. This of course is a personal preference, and I think there’s nothing wrong with the actual formula. As with most bullet lipsticks, it is not transfer proof and will need topping up throughout the day.

If you want to try this product for yourself then you can buy this shade on Boohoo’s website here. Additionally, the purple shade can be found here, and the nude here.

Overall, I think that the Boohoo cosmetics products are quite hit and miss for me. I think that with all of the new and innovative products that are available in the beauty industry, Boohoo cosmetics doesn’t provide anything new or exciting. In terms of the highlight, I think I would personally prefer to spend slightly more and buy the Sleek ‘Solstice’ highlighter palette (review of that here), as I prefer a more blinding highlight. However, if you’re into a highlighter that is somewhere between blinding and natural, then I would definitely recommend this highlighter as it does perform well and is only £6. One thing that I will say is that I don’t think that this palette will suit a whole range of skin tones, the colours are all on the lighter side and there are no other colour options for the highlighter palette. In terms of the mascara, it just is not for me at all, I prefer something that’s more volumising and makes my lashes look more full. I just don’t personally think that this mascara makes my lashes look impressive, it just makes them slightly darker and longer. I probably wouldn’t recommend this mascara, I think you can find a better one at Boots or Superdrug for a similar price. Finally, I think that the formula of the Boohoo lipstick is nice and comfortable, it isn’t drying at all. I just think that the colour doesn’t suit me, and the shade range is very limited (this may be because the other shades have sold out – I’m not sure).

If you think that you may like some of these products, I would recommend popping one (or more, if you like) in your shopping cart next time you’re shopping at Boohoo, but I wouldn’t say that they’re worth going out of your way just to buy them (I bought other items at the same time – more reviews coming).

This brings us to the end of this review, as always I would absolutely love to hear what you think of these products and Boohoo launching their own cosmetics line (apparently ASOS is also launching one but I couldn’t find any on their website)! I really hope that you enjoyed this review and if you did then I would appreciate it if you gave it a quick like; I’ll be trying to get my hands on some ASOS products to try out soon! If you did enjoy this and think that my blog might be something you’d like to continue reading then be sure to click ‘follow’ so you know when (and what) I’m posting – I post at least twice a week!


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  1. I didn’t even know they did make up!

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I think it’s new, I saw some news article from last week but couldn’t find anything before then!

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  2. I didn’t know they had makeup. I think I might have a look to see, what they have to offer ?

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I think it’s definitely worth a try for the prices (especially as you can easily pop them in your order when you’re buying from boohoo)!


  3. I too didn’t realise they had a make up line! Is this a fairly new thing? Sounds like it’s all a bit cheap and cheerful from what you’ve tried? The Red does look beaut on you though x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. multibendybeauty says:

      As far as I know it’s pretty new! I think it came out on the 11th of this month. Yeah, they’re definitely not the best products I’ve ever tried but (apart from the mascara) I think they’re good for the price.
      Thank you! It looks a bit strange in real life, it pulls as a slightly orange red colour x


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