Soap and Glory ‘Peach Pout’ Review

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A few weeks ago I entered a competition Soap and Glory was running to win one of their new ‘Peach Pout’ lipsticks. The competition was to comment how many times ‘Peach Pout’ was said in their rap video to promote/introduce the new lipstick (the answer was 7 times). This was ran on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with 10 lipsticks being given away on each platform so, naturally, I entered on all of them (and won on YouTube).

Whilst this lipstick was sent to me for free, this was because I won a competition that was open for anyone to enter, therefore this review will still be my 100% honest feedback.

I didn’t specify what shade I wanted when I emailed the winners email address. So, today I will be reviewing the following:

  • Soap and Glory ‘Peach Pout’ in the shade ‘Peach for the Sky’ – £9.00

*All links to the Boots website in this post are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you click through and/or purchase through the links – this is no extra charge to you*

So let’s jump into this review.

As you can see, the lipstick comes in super cute packaging (as all Soap and Glory products do). The lipstick itself does not come in a traditional lipstick tube, and instead looks more like I would expect a balm to look. One tiny complaint I have with the packaging is that I wish the ‘Peach Pout’ and the Soap and Glory logo on the lipstick tube itself were the same colour as the box, or vice versa; but that’s just me being picky.

Additionally, this lipstick is quite small and thin, I initially expected it to be bigger (unsure why). In comparison to other bullet lipsticks this Soap and Glory ‘Peach Pout’ does contain less product with a net weight of 1g. To put that into context, a MAC lipstick is 3g, a Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo lipstick I own is 3.5g, and a Laura Mercier lipstick I have is 4g. Therefore, this contains significantly less product then a typical lipstick.

On the Soap and Glory website, product is described as the following:

‘A lipstick that thinks it’s a balm? It must be the creamy, dreamy PEACH POUT™, available in 3 sassy, peach-perfect shades. A lightweight, long-lasting formulation that lasts all day features a rich, juicy peach-infused fragrance. With a shaped bullet edge for easy and precise application, it goes on just like a lipstick leaving you with instantly softer-feeling luscious lips.’

As someone with dry skin, and dry lips, I was interested by the prospect of a lipstick that acts like a balm. However, I honestly think it’s the other way around, I think it’s more of a balm than a lipstick. The formula is very very balm-like and hydrating but I personally don’t see much of a colour pay off when used on my lips (possibly because of receiving the lightest shade). Furthermore, I found that it does act more as a coloured balm and I noticed that it picked up and emphasised every dry spot on my lips, making them more obvious. So, ironically I would only wear this when I don’t have dry skin on my lips (unless I want the texture emphasised – which I definitely don’t), which I think is disappointing as I would love for this product to hydrate without emphasising the dryness of my lips.

As it is more of a balm, you can definitely feel the product on your lips and are aware of it being there, but I don’t think it feels heavy. Furthermore, I personally wouldn’t say that it’s long lasting and that it would last all day, as it has a balm-like texture, the product moves around and is not transfer-proof, and eating and drinking definitely removes the product.

One thing I will say is that the scent of it is very nice, and not overpowering (I love the smell of peach). Additionally, I do like the design and shape of the lipstick itself and find that it makes it very easy to apply and get sharp edges along the outside of my lips.

Overall, I personally am not the biggest fan of this product. I think it would be fantastic if you just want to put a balm on which has a bit of colour, but as a lipstick I wouldn’t recommend it. Additionally, I find the price point quite high for the type of product, and amount of product, you get. At £9.00 per gram (as it is £9.00 and contains only one gram), many other lipsticks are more affordable, for example a MAC lipstick works out at £5.50 per gram (as they are £16.50 and contain 3 grams), although of course MAC lipsticks are not as hydrating. Furthermore, I find the shade range quite restricting, as there are only 3 shades, and they are all peach toned (to fit with the peach theme) I was worried about what I was going to receive. I think the darkest shade, ‘Freedom of Peach’ (which looks like a burnt orange), may have a better colour pay-off and I may have preferred this shade. However, I don’t think that these shades are going to suit a whole range of individuals, and whilst I like the names and packaging, I don’t think I would recommend these unless you’re looking for a balmy lipstick and don’t have particularly cracked lips. Personally, I would prefer to save a little more money and buy a more expensive lipstick which is more long-lasting, where I have a larger shade range to choose from, and get more product.

This brings us to the end of the review, and I just wanted to say that this review is by no means to bash Soap and Glory, I really love their brand and use their eyebrow pencil every day (a review will be coming), as well as some of their bath and body products. Furthermore, just because this didn’t work for me, it of course doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t for you, we’re all different. If you want to try it out for yourself then you can buy one on the Boots website here.

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As we are all different, I would love to hear your thought on this product, so please leave a comment!


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  1. beautyuk1234 says:

    thats such a beautiful colour

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  2. This shade is so pretty! Congrats on winning the giveaway ?

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      Thank you! Xx


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