NYX Lip Lingerie Review – Are They Worth it?

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I hope you’re having a fantastic bank holiday weekend! Today we’ll be looking at the NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ lipsticks.

Last Christmas I was very interested in NYX and asked for a whole bunch of lip products from the brand, this included some shades from their original ‘Lip Lingerie’ line (they’ve since added 12 more shades).

Unlike other reviews I’ve done about lip products (mainly my Primark lip product review), this review will not be super long as I don’t have a huge selection of shades. Today I’ll be discussing the following products:

  • NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ in ‘Ruffle Trim’ – £7.00
  • NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ in ‘Embellishment’ – £7.00
  • NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ in ‘Teddy’ – £7.00

These lipsticks have been sitting in a drawer for several months untouched after I tried them on around Christmas and decided that they weren’t my colours. Since my tastes have changed, I thought I’d give them another try.

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Packaging and Swatches

I have to admit, I do quite like the packaging. However, I don’t think that it’s anything new or innovative. The whole round bottle, with a black cap and a clear bottle is done by a lot of brands and just googling ‘liquid lipstick’ will bring up a whole bunch of brands that have similar packaging.

I’m unsure how well you can see this from the swatches but the lipsticks were slightly patchy and I did find them somewhat difficult to apply. Embellishment in particular was difficult to get to be opaque, even after two coats it still isn’t 100% opaque, and the product bunched up in some sections.

NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ in ‘Ruffle Trim’ – £7.00

‘Ruffle Trim’ is described on the NYX website as a ‘Cinnamon Pink’.

I honestly have no idea why I didn’t like this colour when I tried it a few months ago! I really love it and it really goes with my eye makeup today (it’s difficult to see but it’s orange). The colour of the shade initially reminded me of the Kylie Cosmetics ‘Ginger’ lip kit, but after swatching them side by side, the Kylie kit is quite a bit darker. I personally wouldn’t describe it as ‘Cinnamon Pink’, I think it’s definitely more of a light orange colour.

Not sure why, but this product goes on more like a cream product than a liquid lipstick. Also it feels quite thick when it’s being applied. Despite its thickness, when it’s on the lips it doesn’t feel heavy (but you can definitely tell that you have something on). Additionally, the product is slightly patchy, and I found that the creaminess of the lipstick made it difficult to distribute product evenly. I found that the product tended to move around, was a little bit chunky, and was thicker in some places on the lips more than others. I’m unsure whether this is just because I haven’t been using them and they’ve just been sat in a drawer, or whether they’re all like this.

Once it is on, I find it to be quite sticky. This stickiness does lessen slightly as the lipstick dries down, but it never fully goes away. Personally, I don’t think it’s too unbearably sticky (and I’ve definitely used products that are). The colour is buildable, and can be made opaque. I absolutely love this colour on me and I’m going to be moving it out of my drawer and into my everyday lipstick collection.

NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ in ‘Embellishment’ – £7.00

This shade, ‘Embellishment’, is detailed on the NYX website as being a ‘Muted Purple’.

I definitely remember this was one of the shades I disliked the most as I was convinced it made me look ill or really cold. Whilst I definitely do like this colour more than I did initially, I still do think it’s a bit too much of a light purple for me (although it doesn’t look light in the photos). I do have a Kylie lip kit in ‘Maliboo’, which is a similar purple colour, and I think that one washes me out. This ‘Embellishment’ colour is darker than the Kylie ‘Maliboo’ colour and it definitely doesn’t wash me out as much, but I’m still not fond of it.

Like with the ‘Ruffle Trim’ shade, this colour has the same thick, creamy formula. However, I found this colour to be much patchier, it took quite a few swipes to get the inner part of my lip to be covered in enough product for it to become opaque. If I’m honest, this was quite annoying and I probably wouldn’t reach for this one as I’m not very fond of the colour, and it needs a lot of building on the inner parts of the lip (for some reason it was totally opaque straight away on the outside parts of my lip, but just wouldn’t cling to the middle of my lips).

NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ in ‘Teddy’ – £7.00

Finally, we have ‘Teddy’ which is described on the NYX website as a ‘Warm Rich Brown’.

To be honest, although brown lipstick has grown on me, I don’t really think this colour is my shade. I personally just don’t like this shade on me, I don’t think it flatters me (although knowing me I’ll pick it up again in a couple of months and love it). I would definitely say that this colour comes of as a rich brown, though I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly warm.

This colour again had the same formula as the previous two – can someone please tell me if their ‘Lip Lingerie’ shades also have the same creamy, thick formula? The fact all of them are the same leads me to believe that they possibly are just like that, but I bought them around the same time (Christmas), and they’ve all been stored the same, so I’m unsure.

I think this colour was the patchiest of the three, which isn’t a huge deal for me as darker colours tend to lean on the more patchy side, but it isn’t ideal. However, it is buildable and you can make it opaque.

Overall, I do like these liquid lipsticks, but I understand why I put them in a drawer instead of having them easily accessible. I personally found that the colours in the bottle seem quite different to the colour applied, and I thought each of the colours I bought were going to be different shades. Whilst I would recommend these I would suggest going to a NYX store (or a store that sells NYX) and testing a few of the shades out so you can get a feel for the colour. Futhermore, I found them all to be quite sticky, which I know some people won’t like. I don’t think it’s too bad, especially in comparison to other lipsticks I’ve tried, but it can get annoying.

If you would like to try these then you can check them out and purchase them through the Boots website here.

So this brings us to the end of this review on the NYX ‘Lip Lingerie’ lipsticks, I hope you liked it! If you did enjoy it then please give it a like, and if you think my blog contains content you’d be interested in then please follow me to stay up to date with when I’m posting – I post twice a week! Stay tuned for a NYX ‘Liquid Suede’ review in the coming weeks.


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