Cohorted Beauty Box August 2017 Review

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It’s roughly the middle of the month, so you know what that means! Another Cohorted ‘Black Edition Beauty Box’ review. As always, for anyone who is new here, I’ll give a quick explanation of what Cohorted is, before we get into the items that I had in my August 2017 box.

Cohorted is £35 a month, and contains a ‘selection of hand-picked beauty must haves, enclosed in an elegant all black exterior, and finished with a luxury hand tied bow’ (quoted from the Cohorted website) that they aim to deliver ‘by the 15th of each month’. The box contains full-sized products from high-end brands, and the total retail price of the items inside, is always much higher than the £35 you pay. As with all subscription boxes, you don’t know what you’re going to receive, however they have started sending ‘sneak peek’ emails which show one of the products.

Before we get into the review, I want to address that my box was late this month, and arrived on the 17th (yesterday). My box hadn’t been dispatched until around 2pm on the Monday 14th August. I contacted Cohorted on various social media, as well as by email, and received a reply after it had been dispatched, telling me it had been dispatched. They didn’t offer an explanation as to why it was late, and just said that they were sending boxes for the remainder of the week. So I think their statement that they ‘aim’ to deliver the box ‘by the 15th of each month’ is flexible. Additionally, even after it’s been dispatched the tracking states ‘pre-advice received’ for days (meaning that Royal Mail have been informed a parcel is coming, but it hasn’t actually got to them yet) before it starts moving. This isn’t ideal and is not what I would expect when I’m paying £35 for the subscription box.

As with all my beauty subscription reviews, this is going to be in-depth and therefore long, so get comfortable and hydrated because we’re going to get into this review.


The above photo shows what I received in August’s Cohorted Beauty Box, from left to right, top to bottom, I received:

  • Paul Yacomine ‘Huile de Parfum’ 100ml – £28.00
  • Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ Concealer in ‘Light Medium’ – £20.00
  • Chirp Body ‘Softnest Natural Hair Mask’ – £17.95
  • MAC ‘False Lash Extreme’ in Black – SAMPLE
  • Apple & Bears ‘Bergamot and Green Tea Body Wash’ 50ml (travel sized) – £5.00

For any of you eagle eyed folk, you may be able to notice that if you total up these prices the box value is £70.95, yet printed in the booklet it states the box value at £81. This is weird considering these prices were taken directly from the Cohorted booklet, with the exception of the Apple & Bears product price which wasn’t printed in the book but I found online. Not sure if this £10 price difference is a mistype, but there’s no way that the MAC sample is worth £10.

In comparison to previous boxes, this box is very beauty heavy (as opposed to the box containing mostly makeup), which I don’t mind, but I found the product selection to be very odd.

Paul Yacomine ‘Huile de Parfum’ 100ml – £28.00


My first reaction to this product was ‘yes a perfume! I hope I like it’. That was until I picked the bottle up and read the front. If you can’t see in the photo, the text says ‘fragrant organic essential oils for face body & hair’. I personally have never seen a product like this so I was confused.

The description in the Cohorted booklet is as follows:

‘Blended luxurious essential oils to repair, soften and nourish face, body, hair, and nails, for a light, silk texture, naturally pure for radiant health and beauty.

Organic oils of ylang ylang, sweet orange, lemon and rosehip create soothing tropical floral notes. A luxuriant summer essential.’

This honestly isn’t a product I would typically use, I don’t tend to go for oils, and I’m unsure what I would use this for. Additionally, the description that it has ‘soothing tropical floral notes’ is absolutely not true for the one I received. The way I would describe the scent is that it smells like the inside of Holland and Barrettt (for anyone who doesn’t know, Holland and Barrett is a healthcare store which sells a lot of vitamins and natural products). The only way I can describe the smell is like a mix of essential oils, like a spicy, herb smell. Personally I have never liked the smell when I’ve been in Holland and Barrett, therefore I really don’t like the smell of this.

Unfortunately this is a product I will not be using as it isn’t the type of product I use, and I really don’t like the scent. I couldn’t find a direct link to this product from Paul Yacomine, but if you like the sound of this (or like the smell inside Holland and Barrett) then you can use a search engine to find the product from other websites.

Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ Concealer in ‘Light Medium’ – £20.00


Honestly when I saw this as the ‘sneak peek’ item, I was annoyed. Not because I don’t use concealer, and not because I don’t like Too Faced. I was annoyed because I knew that this product wouldn’t suit a lot of people. I honestly think that putting a product that needs shade matching into a beauty subscription box, without allowing customers to choose their shade, is a huge risk, and one that isn’t going to pay off frequently.

The Too Faced concealers come in 16 different shades, and a variety of undertones, so the probability of receiving a shade that matched was pretty low. Additionally, I think that there aren’t enough shades of this concealer to suit all skin tones, especially deeper skin tones, so there’s a chance that even if a choice of concealer shade was given, some people may have still not had a suitable shade. I received the shade ‘Light Medium’, which is too dark and warm for me. I haven’t included a swatch as I could tell it was too dark from just looking at the bottle, and I want to sell it on so didn’t swatch it.

Okay enough of me ranting about the shade I received, and shade selection in general.

Here’s part of the concealer’s description from the Cohorted booklet:

‘Too Faced have infused skincare benefits, including Coconut Water to replenish moisture levels, Alpine Rose to brighten and boost radiance, and Hyaluronic Acid for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Creamy and comfortable, a proprietary blend of color correctors create the look of flawless skin.’

The actual description of this concealer makes it sound fantastic, and definitely would be something that I would want to use as I have dry skin so the Coconut Water would benefit me, and I already use Hyaluronic Acid in product.

However, I will sadly not be using this concealer as it isn’t the correct shade and instead will be selling it or putting it in a giveaway (not sure which yet). If you have tried this concealer please leave a comment, or email me about if it was good or not! Also if you’d like to purchase this concealer then you can do so on the Too Faced website here.

Chirp Body ‘Softnest Natural Hair Mask’ – £17.95


This product was the one that jumped out at me when I opened the box. The packaging is really cute, and I’ve never used a hair mask before so I was intrigued to see what it was supposed to do.

In the booklet, this product description says:

‘Our Softnest Hair Mask like is [I don’t think this is supposed to say ‘like is’, so perhaps there is a typo in the booklet] a beauty spa for your hair! Enriched with Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, and Argan oils, the pure oil blend hydrates, nourishes, and restores tired hair; giving softness, strength, and shine.

The Sotnest Hair Mask is 100% natural, made from plant based ingredients, and vegan friendly. We are 100% Cruelty Free, and never test on animals. Try Chirp Body today and get your body chirpin’ the natural way!’

For some reason, despite reading this description, I was surprised that the mask was an oil? I don’t know what’s up with me, I did a similar thing with the Soap and Glory masks (you can read that review here). As it is an oil, you do need to be careful when you’re applying it, as it is a liquid and runs everywhere. I tried to put this directly onto my hair, which worked well, but was hard to spread out so I ended up putting small amounts into my hand and working that into the sections which were less saturated.

EDIT: I’ve been contacted by the director of Chirp Body who stated: ‘Our manufacturers used a new coconut oil from Morocco for the Cohorted box, which made the product more an oil than a mask. Normally our Hair Mask is a creamy mask when cooled, which melts in your hands as you apply the mask, making it really effective.’ Therefore, whilst my mask had more of a liquid consistency, you can expect it to have more of a creamy mask-like consistency if you were to buy it yourself (as opposed to receiving it through the Cohorted box).

The first positive I want to say about this mask is the smell. It has an orange citrus smell (which, along with certain floral smells, is my favourite scent for products to have) which smells exactly the same as the ‘Sun’ ‘Gorilla Perfume’ from Lush.

The product needs to be left on for 25 minutes before being thoroughly washed out, and it directs to shampoo your hair twice before conditioning if desired. I left this on for around half an hour (because I lost track of time), and then washed it out as directed.

I really think this made a massive difference to my hair, not only did my hair feel super clean afterwards but also it was much softer, sleeker, and nicer feeling than usual. This product was the stand out one of the box, and I will definitely be using it again (on the Chirp Body website it states you can get around 5 uses out of the product depending on your hair thickness and length which I think is fantastic).

Whilst the £17.95 price tag initially put me off, after trying it I really do think that it’s worth it, and I will definitely purchase again when I’ve finished it. Additionally, I absolutely love that it’s 100% natural, plant based, vegan, and cruelty free!

If you like the sound of this hair mask, and want to purchase one for yourself, or find out more information, then you can do so on the Chirp Body website here.

MAC ‘False Lash Extreme’ in Black – SAMPLE


I think I can safely say that this is the smallest sample I’ve ever received, and I almost missed it when I was looking through the box.

The description of this product in the booklet is as follows:

‘Intensely inky, this lightweight, innovative mousse-like formula creates the illusion of lash extensions. Saturates lashes in the deepest, darkest, richest black imaginable with each stroke of the unique double-lush brush.’

The description doesn’t really make me want to buy or use this product, not sure why it’s just my personal preference. Additionally I’ve tried a couple of MAC mascaras before and I don’t find them very impressive.

Also, honestly I would expect at least a travel sized product in this box, as it is £35 a month, or even for this not to be in the box at all. I’m unsure how much use you can get out of this, as it is seriously tiny and I wouldn’t imagine it holds a lot of product. Whilst I will probably grab it just to use it up, I just think the box could do without it, or should have contained a larger product.

Apple & Bears ‘Bergamot and Green Tea Body Wash’ 50ml (travel sized) – £5.00


Just like with the MAC product, I wasn’t drawn to this when I first saw it in the box. I don’t think there’s anything specific that made me not reach for this immediately, I was just more interested in the Chirp Body product.

This product could have come in two different scents; Bergamot & Green Tea (the one I received), Pomegranate & Aloe Vera, Grapefruit & Seaweed, or Honey & Hemp. As with every product where there’s more than one variant, I would have preferred one of the other ones. However, whilst the smell of the one I received is not completely to my taste, I don’t mind it.

In the booklet, the product description reads:

‘Blended with the finest natural organic fragrances and gentle aromas, our sensationally creamy Luxury Body Silk Collection [this is a Body Wash, not Body Silk so again there may be a typo in the booklet] revitalises and relaxes the senses, with absolutely no parabens or phthalates to be found. Our scientifically proven skin firming ingredients naturally boost the skin’s elasticity and firmness, while our nutrient rich mineral goodness hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates your skin with a light, sheer and non-greasy formula.’

Now personally I am a Soap and Glory/Radox/Imperial Leather kind of girl, so the prospect of spending £5.00 on a 50ml product, or £18.00 for a 300ml bottle seems like a lot of money. That being said the product description does sound amazing, and the product paraben, SLS and phthalates free, vegan, gluten free, alcohol free, and Natural & Organic Ecocert Greenlife certified. Therefore, there being a higher price tag could be expected.

Whilst I was washing the Chirp Body ‘Softnest Natural Hair Mask’ out, I used this product, and if I’m 100% honest I didn’t think it was anything special, and the smell of it definitely isn’t my favourite. I personally probably won’t purchase this again as I find £18.00 for the full-sized product to be out of my price range (for comparison Soap and Glory body washes are £6.50 for 500ml), and whilst I love that it’s vegan, alcohol free, and all of the other fantastic things, I would prefer to shop around for a similar product that is cheaper.

If you would like to purchase this product then you can do so on the Apple & Bears website here (this link takes you to a page which contains the 30ml and 300ml product, in all scents).

Overall, I think this month’s box was a bit of a miss for me, I’m only really going to be using the Chirp Body hair mask, although I’ll use up the Apple & Bears product, and the MAC mascara so they don’t go to waste. However, as I won’t be using the Too Faced concealer or the Paul Yacomine product, this month’s box isn’t cost effective for me (unless I sell the Too Faced concealer). Obviously I’m never going to received products that 100% suit me and the whole point of me getting this box is to try different high-end products that I might not otherwise buy. I love being introduced to new things, but sometimes it doesn’t work out for me. Unfortunately this month the box wasn’t what I had hoped.

We are all different, and have different preferences, so if you’d like to get a Cohorted box yourself then you can subscribe through their website for £35 a month.

This brings us to the end of the August Cohorted ‘Black Edition Beauty Box’, I hope you enjoyed reading! If you did then please give this post a like and follow my blog if you think my content is something that you would enjoy, I post twice a week. If you have any thoughts about this box then be sure to leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you think!

Also if you enjoyed this post, be sure to read my other beauty box reviews here.


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