Cohorted Beauty Box July 2017 Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing the July 2017 Cohorted ‘Black Edition Beauty Box’. For those of you new to my blog, and didn’t read my review of the June 2017 Cohorted box, I’ll give you a quick rundown of what this beauty box is.

Cohorted is £35 a month, and contains a ‘selection of hand-picked beauty must haves, enclosed in an elegant all black exterior, and finished with a luxury hand tied bow’ (quoted from the Cohorted website). Honestly I’m not too bothered about the box or the hand tying of the bow, it’s definitely what’s inside that matters. This box contains full-sized products from high-end brands, which is why I subscribed. The value of the box is always much higher than the £35 you pay (mine this month was worth £106) so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. As with all subscription boxes, you don’t know what you’re going to receive, however they have started sending ‘sneak peek’ emails which show one of the products.

Okay without further ado, we are going to jump into this review! For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that this review is going to be in-depth and therefore long; and to those of you who are new, buckle up because we are going to get into detail about each of the products.


The above photo shows what I received in July’s Cohorted Beauty Box, from left to right, top to bottom, I received:

  • Bellápierre Cosmetics ‘Contour and Highlight Cream Palette’. RRP £40.00.
  • Ciaté London ‘Glow-to Illuminating Blush’ in ‘Matchmaker’. RRP £22.00.
  • Doucce ‘Luscious Lip Stain’ in ‘619 Holiday Getaway’. RRP £22.00.
  • Doucce ‘Punk Volumizer Mascara’. RRP £20.00.

The RRPs detailed above are taken from the booklet that comes with the box which provides information about each product. This is not to say that you can’t get these products cheaper.

Honestly I’m really impressed with the selection of products in this month’s box, I think overall it is better than the June 2017 Cohorted box.

Bellápierre Cosmetics ‘Contour and Highlight Cream Palette’ – £40.00

This contour kit is packaged in a cardboard sleeve (shown in the first picture) and comes with an instructional booklet of how to contour and highlight (second picture). The packaging is almost identical to the Bellápierre Cosmetics ‘Glowing Palette’ that I received last month, you can check out my review of that here.

Inside the instruction booklet it details that the top three shades are highlighting shades and the bottom three are for contouring. Now honestly this palette confuses me, I’m unsure what skin tone it’s supposed to suit. As far as I can see on their website, there is only one contour palette, whereas usually you can choose the shade of the palette. This palette is all warm toned (I have a cool skin tone), and they don’t seem particularly universal shades. The lightest contour shade (bottom left) is too dark and too warm toned for my skin tone, similarly the top three highlight shades are too warm toned for me.

Additionally, if a shade were to suit me, because the palette is trying to suit many skin tones, I would not be able to use many of the other shades. Although in the picture the darkest shade (bottom right) looks pretty dark, in real life it isn’t and I’ve seen individuals complaining on social media that the contour isn’t dark enough for them and therefore the palette is unusable for them.

Although I praise Bellápierre Cosmetics for attempting to be inclusive with this palette, everyone is very different and have not only different skin tones, but also different under tones. I personally prefer more cool toned contour; or if it warm toned then it needs to be really light.

I’m disappointed that this palette doesn’t suit me but I have put it into a giveaway pile which will be posted once my blog grows – so make sure you follow me to look out for it!

If you want to check out more about this palette or buy it yourself then you can do so through the Bellápierre Cosmetics website.

Ciaté London ‘Glow-to Illuminating Blush’ in ‘Matchmaker’ – £20.00

I’ve been following Ciaté on Instagram for quite a while now and have watched them grow – I own quite a few of their nail varnishes and have been looking at their makeup but never got around to buying any so I was unbelievably excited when I saw this blush.

Firstly the packaging is beautiful, I had to take the photo at this weird angle because the box is so shiny but weird angle aside, I love it. The blush itself is quite small (as you can see with it in my hand) but it’s super pretty I love the pattern on the product – especially the bow in the center. Honestly on social media the blush looks a lot bigger but I love it nonetheless.

The colour that I was sent is ‘Matchmaker’, I think it’s amazing and it really suits my skin tone. Although it’s called an illuminating blush and on the Ciaté website it’s described as a ‘blusher-highlighter’, there’s really not that much shimmer in it, which I like. It’s quite matte and on the face it really doesn’t hold any shimmer (perhaps if I swirled more in the golden part then it would) but it’s really really pretty and it’s my favourite item from this month’s box and I know i’m going to be reaching for it often.

If you’d like to try out one of the Ciaté London ‘Glow-to Illuminating Blushes’, then you can find them to buy from their website here (they have six different shades).

Doucce ‘Luscious Lip Stain’ in ‘619 Holiday Getaway’ – £22.00

Next up we have a Doucce ‘Luscious Lip Stain’ in ‘Holiday Getaway’. Firstly as you can see, the packaging is slightly off. Also the shade on the bottom has a white sticker over it with ‘619’ written on it – when the sticker is peeled back it has ‘Dusty Red – 610’ printed onto it so clearly the box has been reused. However, I’m not too bothered about either of these flaws as I won’t be keeping the box.

The colour of this is a sort of burnt orange/terracotta and it comes with a clear gloss. The instructions say to use the lip stain, wait a couple of minutes, then add the gloss for a shinny lip. I don’t think this colour suits me but it is very summery so I might give it a whirl at some point anyway. The gloss isn’t gross and sticky and I didn’t get any of those nasty stringy bits between my lips when I opened my mouth (you know what I’m talking about) so I class that as a win on the gloss front.

This being said, I’m confused by the name – I don’t understand why it is called a lip stain when it’s just a liquid lipstick, even on the Doucce website there is no mention of it staining your lips. Additionally, the brush for the gloss is hard and pointy, I thought that it would break into being a normal brush after you begin using it but so far mine has stayed the same. This brush makes it hard to apply the gloss and you have to dip into the bottle many times to coat your lips.

I personally am not hugely fond of glossy lips but I will give it a try with this gloss. I think it’s more likely that I’ll use the gloss again, rather than the lip colour. If you’d like to get yourself this lipstick, or another shade, then you can do so through the Doucce website.

Doucce ‘Punk Volumizer Mascara’ – £20.00

The packaging for this is very similar to the Doucce ‘Luscious Lip Stain’ – I personally like my packaging to be more exciting than just plain black but I think their logo is cool.

I always like getting new mascaras, it’s something that I use most often and I love trying new ones so when I saw this I was interested. I had a sample sized Doucce mascara in a Birchbox, and thought it was okay but not hugely exciting and I sort of feel the same about this one.

The brush is very large which makes it easy to coat all of your upper lashes, but hard to apply on your bottom lashes. I personally didn’t find it massively volumising, my eyelashes look nice and they are coated and separated but I didn’t see much volumising happening. As I have about 10 mascaras that I’m trying to use right now I probably won’t reach for this one very much as I find others preform better, but I’ll still use it – my current favourite is the Yves Saint Laurent ‘Baby Doll’ mascara (£25.50) which I got in a set with two other items for £25. 

If you think that the Doucce ‘Punk Volumizer Mascara’ is something you would enjoy using then you can buy it from the Doucce website.

Okay so that brings us to the end of this review – I honestly really liked this month’s box, I will be using all of the products apart from the Bellápierre contour and highlight palette. I especially love the Ciaté blush and can’t wait to try that out more.

If you’d like to get a Cohorted box yourself then you can subscribe through their website for £35 a month.

I hope you enjoyed reading my July 2017 Cohorted ‘Black Edition Beauty Box’ review! If you did then please give this post a like. As always comment below if you have any thoughts about this beauty subscription box, or if you have a product that you want me to review.


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