Lime Crime Velvetines First Impressions and Review

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Today’s post will be about Lime Crime’s Velvetine liquid lipsticks. I have been following Lime Crime on Instagram for a long time and their products always look amazing, their social media presence is fantastic and really appeals to me. However, I never got around to purchasing any of their lipsticks because they’re usually around $20 each, and they’re based in the USA whilst I’m in the UK, so I didn’t want to import them.

Recently, towards the end of May, Lime Crime had a huge sale (up to 75% off) and I took my chance to buy a bunch of their Velvetine lipsticks, one Perlees lipstick, and a Diamond Crusher, to see what the fuss was about. This review is going to be my first impressions from my first ever order from Lime Crime.

Swatches of the Lime Crime products I bought

Here is a list of the lipsticks I bought, the price that I purchased them at, and how much they cost today (3rd July 2017):

  • Perlees ‘Third Eye’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $18.
  • Matte Velvetines ‘Scandal’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $20.
  • Matte Velvetines ‘Dream Girl’ – Previous sale price $5, current price on sale at $16.
  • Matte Velvetines ‘Fetish’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $20.
  • Diamond Crushers ‘Fluke’ – Previous sale price $14, current price $18.
  • True Love Bundle containing ‘Cupid’, ‘Saint’, and ‘True Love’ – Previous sale price $10, current price $20 each (bundle no longer available).
  • Matte Velvetines ‘Polly’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $20.

In total my order came to $59.95 (or around £46) including $10.95 postage, I was not charged any tax and was not faced with a hefty customs bill once it entered the country. If I were to buy the same lipsticks today it would cost me $182.95 (or roughly £141), assuming that the $10.95 shipping charge is the same, therefore I saved $123 by buying through the sale. I would advise looking out for sales, and taking advantage of them, I’d assume that they would have another similar sale at some point.

This review is quite long as I’m going into depth about the performance of each lipstick and my thoughts on them so get some water and a snack if you like. Okay without further ado let’s get into reviewing each of the lipsticks!

Perlees ‘Third Eye’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $18.

The description for this product from the Lime Crime website is as follows:

‘Perlees are comfort-wear metallic mattes that give your lips a soft sheen of dusted pearls. Full-coverage, creamy formula clings to skin for prolonged wear so you don’t have to reapply every hour, while rosemary extract protects and moisturizes. Throw it on before a night out on the town and keep your lips on-point without the worry of chapped or dry skin!’

So firstly the packaging of this lipstick is absolutely beautiful, I could look at it for hours, and I think it’s the nicest lipstick packaging of all the lipsticks I own.

On the Lime Crime website the Perlees are described as ‘a lipstick that bridges the gap between metallic & matte’. I think it does sort of fit that description however the look of it does lean more towards being metallic, I’m unsure whether it would be a shade I would be comfortable wearing every day.

This isn’t my favourite formula of lipstick either, it’s quite hard and I didn’t find that it glides on particularly well, I would not describe it as ‘creamy’ like the website does. Additionally it smells sort of like a crayon, which I’m not hugely impressed by, however that does fade once it’s on the lips. I don’t see how this would be a hydrating formula, it sets into the lines on my lips and feels very dry, but I haven’t worn it for an extended period of time so cannot comment further on this. From first impressions, I don’t believe it would be particularly hydrating.

Overall, for $5 it’s a good buy, but I personally would not feel comfortable spending $18 on it!

Matte Velvetines ‘Scandal’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $20.

The description for this product from the Lime Crime website is:

‘Long lasting matte liquid lipstick in a deep, rich plum hue. This Lime Crime shade is so full of depth and drama, it’s perfect for the bold and daring. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, stir up some controversy with a statement purple lip!’

I was very excited to buy some purple lipsticks from Lime Crime, on their Instagram they look fantastic and, as someone who tends to wear pink nudes, I want to invest in more daring lip colours. When I saw the sale I knew it was my time!

Honestly this shade is so, so, so patchy. It’s not very easy to notice this in the picture but in real life it’s very noticeable. I find this one really hard to apply and because it’s purple you can notice the patchiness immediately. Despite claiming that it ‘lasts all day with minimal touch-ups, even through meals’ on their website, I did a test drive of this one through a meal (it was spaghetti bolognese) and it was totally destroyed. All I was left with was a line of the lipstick around the outside of my mouth. Now obviously spaghetti bolognese is quite greasy, but that’s why I wanted to try it. I have worn other shades to work and they hold up much better, with very minimal removal during eating and drinking.

Again for the $5 I paid, I might be able to get this to work, but if I had paid $20 I would be disappointed! If you’re used to working with dark shades, and want to try your hand at this gorgeous shade then you can get it for $20 here.

Matte Velvetines ‘Dream Girl’ – Previous sale price $5, current price on sale at $16.

The product description for this one is much smaller than others, stating:

‘Long lasting matte liquid lipstick in an deep cranberry hue.’

When I tried all of these lipsticks on when they first arrived a couple of months ago I separated them into ones that I liked (which then stayed on my dressing table) and ones that I didn’t like which were put in a drawer. This lipstick was put in the drawer as, for whatever reason, I didn’t like it at the time. However, when I tried this on again today I actually really liked it. It’s not anywhere near as patchy as ‘Scandal’ and is similar in colour to ‘Saint’ which is my favourite out of all the ones I bought.

This shade has a retail price of $20 like the others however is currently on sale at $16 I possibly would pay this as I do like the lipstick. One thing I will say is that the shades shown online I have found to be quite different to the shades in real life. This shade is shown to be a deep red online but on me it’s much more brown. If you’d like to purchase this shade then you can do so for $16 via the Lime Crime website.

Matte Velvetines ‘Fetish’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $20.

So this colour is a slightly lighter purple than ‘fetish’ and is also less patchy. It is still slightly patchy but I think, as with ‘Dream Girl’ this might be changed with practice applying the colour. I’m still unsure the amount that is needed to achieve opacity, if you put too little on then the lipstick is very sticky, whereas if there’s too much product then it becomes patchy.

I do like this colour but I’m unsure at this point whether I will be able to make it work. Additionally I have a very similar colour called ‘Vintage’ by NYX that performs better. As with the others, for $5 the lipstick is okay, but I would definitely not buy it for $20.

Diamond Crushers ‘Fluke’ – Previous sale price $14, current price $18.

Finally, the description for this product from the Lime Crime website is:

‘Iridescent lip topper in a chill mauve hue. Lightweight water-based formula is filled with light-reflective iridescent shimmers that dance and glisten with you as you move. Feels like nothing on skin & lasts forever.’

I have seen these types of iridescent lip topper all over social media the past few months, so when I saw that it was on sale I was excited to try one for myself! Honestly, I absolutely love it. The picture above it worn on bare lips but I would usually layer it over a lipstick. I think it looks really cool, again like ‘Third Eye’ it’s not something that I would necessarily wear on a daily basis but I might wear it if I go to festival or for Instagram photos.

On the website it gives you a few different ways to use the product:

  • Pop over your bare lips. Get LIT.
  • Wear over your favorite liquid lipstick to take your game to the next level! (Smooth over with finger if necessary.)
  • Top with clear gloss – because why not!
  • Wear as mermaid highlighter on cheeks, collar bones and under the brow.
  • Take lots & lots of selfies!!! #diamondcrushers

I am yet to try it with a clear gloss or as a highlighter but I will definitely give it a go. As it says in the second bullet point, I would recommend smoothing the product with your finger as it can get quite chunky. Just be careful that glitter doesn’t bleed outside of your lip line. If you’d like to buy this Diamond Crusher, or one of the other shades then you can do so for $18 here.

True Love Bundle containing ‘Cupid’, ‘Saint’, and ‘True Love’ – Previous sale price $10, current price $20 each (bundle no longer available).

I 100% believe that this was my best purchase in my order. This bundle is fantastic! I was shocked that it was only $10 in the sale, especially as all lipsticks were full-sized! Saint (the center picture) is my absolute favourite. None of these lipsticks are patchy and they’re all so different there’s something for every occasion.

Cupid – I think this is my least favourite from the collection, it’s slightly too much of a peach-toned nude for my comfort but I still will wear it when it suits my makeup and outfit. You can buy this shade for $20 here.

Saint – This is my favourite, it’s an amazing shade and I was shocked at how much I love it because I don’t ever go for brown lipsticks. I’ve worn this shade to work on more than one occasion and it wears well, hot drinks don’t really have an effect on it. I had to touch up my waterline a couple of times but apart from that, I did no other touch ups in an 8 hour day. I honestly believe this shade is worth the standard price of $20; you can purchase this shade on the Lime Crime website.

True Love – Now this colour is BRIGHT, it sort of looks how I would imagine a pink/orange highlighter to look if it were a lipstick. However, in a weird way I really like it. It’s a super fun colour and, as with all things, if you act confidently whilst wearing it then it looks fantastic. I’m unsure if I would be brave enough to wear this out where I live but I 100% will wear it when the occasion arises. If you’d like to rock this shade then you can get it through the Lime Crime website here.

Matte Velvetines ‘Polly’ – Previous sale price $5, current price $20

This shade’s description is also minimal:

‘Long lasting matte liquid lipstick in a pink mauve hue.’

I think ‘Polly’ is the closest shade to what I usually choose to wear, only it’s slightly darker and more purple. The shade isn’t patchy at all and is very pretty. I personally haven’t reached for this lipstick as it’s slightly different from what I usually wear, and I tend to reach more for Jeffree Star’s ‘Gemini’ as an everyday colour.

I don’t think I would pay $20 for this shade as the formula from Jeffree Star is much less drying on the lips, I tend to use his lipsticks more, and they’re cheaper.

Overall, I’ve found that the Lime Crime Velvetines are quite hit and miss, the darker and more purple colours are very patchy which for $20, wouldn’t be expected. However, all Lime Crime lipsticks are ‘PETA verified vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free’, they ‘do not contain any animal-derived ingredients’ and ‘no animal testing is ever performed at any point in our [their] supply chain’. Although I’m not actively looking for products that are cruelty free, I would like to eventually only buy cruelty free as I am against animal testing therefore I’m glad that Lime Crime are vegan and cruelty free.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy these lipsticks from Lime Crime again unless they had a similar sale (or I ran out of some of my favourite shades). However, everyone is different and these lipsticks might work better for you. You can check out all of the different products that Lime Crime have on their website here.

I hope this review has helped you, the only experience I have had with Lime Crime is through their Instagram which always looks amazing, and unfortunately some of them didn’t live up to how they look on social media. If you enjoyed my review then please give it a like and follow my blog to stay up-to-date with what I’m posting (I post twice a week). If you have any ideas on what you would like me to try out and review next, then comment it below!


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. I agree with so many of your comments in these liquid lipsticks. I have a few of their more random colours, Pumpkin, Salem, stone and alien- to name a few.

    Most of them are patchy but the ones that aren’t wear TERRIBLY. So disappointing, and there is so much scandal around the company in general it blows my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I was also really disappointed, I’ve only ever looked on their Instagram feed and most people say good things about them so I was really unhappy/mad when I got them and they were really patchy.

      There’s only a couple that are okay but honestly it would be so difficult to find those if I hadn’t bought a large amount like I did.

      They also feel pretty darn drying and I think $20 per lipstick is quite up there in price when there are other lipsticks that are better quality for less.

      Not going to lie, I haven’t seen the controversy I tend to mostly look at whether they perform well… Which they don’t so won’t be buying again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t tend to buy into the controversial issues either but Coles notes are basically- owner bad mouths clients- hairs found pressed into product- website scamming credit cards etc etc.

        For the most part I believe all of those issues have been resolved now though

        Liked by 2 people

      2. multibendybeauty says:

        Well that doesn’t sound positive! I really don’t like companies who respond badly to their customers. I firmly believe if someone is coming to you with a problem you should work to solve those problems, no matter how personally connected you are to the product being criticised.

        At least they’ve worked to solve them but still not a great attitude!

        Liked by 1 person

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