Korean Beauty Review – Innisfree Sheet Masks

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In this post I’ll be discussing Korean sheet masks by the brand Innisfree!

Since last year when Korean beauty, especially sheet masks, started making its way into the mainstream beauty community, I’ve been hooked on Korean sheet masks and haven’t looked back.

Regular masks, the paste types that you swipe onto your face, leave on for a period of time, and then wash off, aren’t my cup of tea. I’m clumsy and find those types of mask messy. Additionally, I don’t find it relaxing to have to wash something messy off of your face before bed, I’d much rather have something that doesn’t need washing off after use.

Before Korean beauty was seemingly everywhere you looked last year, I hadn’t heard of sheet masks. After assessing that they seemed to be the answer to all of my face mask problems, I searched on eBay to find affordable masks. I didn’t want to spend a fortune if there was a possibility that I wouldn’t like them. There were quite a few listings for a brand called Innisfree so I purchased the masks that seemed appropriate for my skin needs, and waited for them to arrive.

When they were delivered a few days later they came with a note from the seller asking for future purchases to be directed through their website, and that every face mask order would be sent with a free sheet mask. After falling in love with the Innisfree masks this is what I did, and continue to do. The site I buy these masks from is called Korean Bee Beauty. They have quite a wide array of products but I mostly just shop there for the free masks. Furthermore, I bought a large order of Innisfree masks a few months ago, convincing myself that I was ‘stocking up’ and therefore obviously needed between 1 and 4 of each mask type. I don’t think I was quite aware of exactly how many masks I had ordered until they arrived and the envelope didn’t fit through my post box. As I had placed such a large order Korean Bee Beauty sent me two free masks and a free hand cream sample, which was sweet and unexpected of them.

Anyway, let’s get into more information about the masks themselves!


The Innisfree ‘It’s Real Squeeze Face Mask’ come in 16 variants on the Korean Bee Beauty website, and I’ve tried all of them at least once apart from the Manuka Honey one as I’ve tried honey masks before and didn’t like them. Here’s a breakdown of what each mask claims to do (as detailed on the Korean Bee Beauty website):

Manuka Honey – Moisturises the skin and keeps it healthy.

Green Tea – Soothes and moisturises with extracted green tea.

Rose – Rose extract gives the skin a fairer and more radiant complexion.

Strawberry – Helps the skin recover from damage, and become more supple and firm.

Pomegranate –  Illuminating & anti-wrinkle benefits.

Rice – Meets the needs of all skin conditions and purifies.

Aloe – Repairs and strengthens the skin for firm and youthful look.

Acai Berry – Tightens and smooths for younger looking skin.

Cucumber – Clears and moisturises.

Tea Tree – Anti-inflammatory, hydrates, soothes, and calms the skin.

Bamboo –  Moisturises, adding vitality and energy to your skin.

Kiwi – Hydration lasting for days.

Shea Butter – Delivers moisture deep into the skin.

Blackberry – Makes the skin more firm whilst reducing wrinkles, energises and brightens dull skin.

Lime – Brightens and evens skin tone creating a clearer complexion.

Bija – Anti-inflammatory and beneficial to troubled and acne-prone skin.

I personally have dry skin, however I have a spot of hyper-pigmentation on my cheek, additionally I’m always looking for products which prevent wrinkles, and I always get spots around my time of the month.

I tend to buy almost all of these masks when I order a new batch just because my skin needs vary from day to day, but I tend to buy mostly the ‘Tea Tree’ masks for when I have a breakout – they work so well for breakouts! Additionally I buy multiples of the ‘Acai Berry’, ‘Strawberry’, ‘Lime’, ‘Bija’, and ‘Shea Butter’ as I find these work best for my skin. I’ve only had one that I didn’t like which was the ‘Blackberry’ one, as it made me breakout, and my boyfriend doesn’t like the smell of the ‘Bamboo’ mask.

As I’ve found with all Korean sheet masks, these masks are very wet, there’s a lot of product on the masks when you pull them out of the packet, and even more left behind inside the packaging. You have to leave the masks for around 20 minutes and then massage the product into your skin, which is pretty standard but what I will say is that the masks don’t dry up. I know with some other sheet masks, all of the product gets absorbed into the skin and the mask feels dry towards the end of the allocated time, but this definitely isn’t the case with this particular brand. Although the mask does feel less wet after 20 minutes, and is drier in some places more than others, some of the product still remains in the mask. Obviously this means that you waste some of the product. I personally don’t mind as these masks are only £1.80 each from the Korean Bee Beauty website (plus postage), but it could be expected that you should be able to use everything that you’ve paid for. As a solution I’m sure that you could take the remaining product and massage it into the skin elsewhere if you wished.

Personally I absolutely love the Innisfree masks and have been using them for a while, and I’m glad that they have so many to choose from. I’m excited to try some other Korean sheet masks from the Korean Bee Beauty website, when I can tear myself away from Innisfree. I particularly like the look of the ‘A’PIEU Milk’ face masks, as the packaging is shaped like little milk bottles and I think that’s super cute.

If you want to give these masks a try then you can buy them through this link (and get a free sheet mask with your order – I’ve always been given Tonymoly ones).

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did then please give this a like so I know that it’s something that you’d like to see more of! Also if you have any suggestions of affordable Korean sheet masks I should try then comment what brands I should try.


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve always wanted to try sheet masks but I’m completely afraid of them burning my skin, as I have uber sensitive skin and I’ve gotten burned before. Loved this entry and I’m looking forward to keepin up with your future posts!
Stop by sometime,
Mena | femmerewritten.com ??


    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I’ve never had even the smallest burning sensation with these but everyone is different. I suffer from migraines and so I can’t have really strong smells but these have very faint and pleasant fragrances which is nice!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. amadl says:

    Have you used the Lime one? How do you Like it?
    I aLways stock up on the Tea Tree and Bija ones, for that time of the month ^^


    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I also always use the Tea Tree and Bija ones for when I have breakouts but find Tea Tree the best. Yeah I’ve tried the lime one, I really like it, it’s definitely one of my favourites, I don’t usually use it for spots I normally do it when my skin looks a bit dull and to help the hyper-pigmentation on my cheek which it works for – plus I LOVE the smell of it! X


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